Planning on a move to Bend? There’s always a lot to juggle during a big move, and we love making things easier! Let’s go over some important points to keep in mind when heading to beautiful Central Oregon.

1. Be Ready for Winter and Summer

No matter what season you are moving in, don’t forget how much the weather in the high desert can shift: Heat waves in the summer will eventually lead to freezing temperatures during the winter. Whether you are preparing before you move or after you settle in, have a plan to change your wardrobe, activities – and tires. Be ready to winterize your home if necessary (rentals will typically manage this part for you), and if you are interested in specific sports like snowboarding on Mt. Bachelor or participating in one of the summer races, get tickets and passes early.

2. Make Time for Job Security

The cost of living in Bend is still on the rise, especially when it comes to rentals and associated costs. That makes job security more important than ever: Make sure you have a guaranteed source of income before making the big move, and savings set aside for any emergency periods. If you are planning on starting your own business, Bend has an incredible amount of local support you can tap into, but you will want to raise the necessary capital arranged before you begin.

3. Find a Relocation Company in Central Oregon

Bend Relocation Services help make relocating to Bend easier by taking care of the details as you plan your move and make the important preparations. Whether you are interested in an a la carte moving package that can develop along with your plans, hourly consulting, or specific solutions like finding the right rental for your situation, we can help enable your move during the most important steps – managing some of the harder tasks and allowing you to focus on important work/life details. As a corporate relocation company, we can also help companies seeking to move operations or teams to the Bend area!

4. Start Registering Your Kids Early

School applications can take some time, so as soon as you know what school district your kids will be in, download the available materials and start preparation. The same is true of many kid-friendly activities, from sports leagues and science camps to climbing or skiing classes – sign up early and start preparing. If you don’t have the right supplies, there are many shops around Bend that can help, including affordable sources of renewed equipment.

5. Update Your Pet Info

If you’re bringing a pet along, contact a local vet and don’t forget to change your address for any tags, chips, or collars you are using. It’s an easy step, but one you won’t want to miss.

6. Make a List of Rental Must-Haves

Renting is a common option when first moving to Bend, but it’s important to know what you need, so start with a list. What is your rental budget? Does the rental need to be pet-friendly for a specific kind of pet? Does it need to have a yard? Does it need to be kid-friendly or toddler-proofed? How many beds and baths at minimum? Do you need to do your own decorating or hang your own décor? Let us know your must-haves and we can help locate a rental that works best for you.

7. Arrange for a Storage Unit

This is a frequent requirement that movers may not think about until it’s too late and their garage is already stuffed to the brim: A storage unit is an excellent solution for storing off-season supplies or belongings that won’t currently fit with your living situation. Arrange to rent one early and you’ll be covered!