A La Carte Services

Bend Relocation Services can help with a variety of additional services tailored to your needs.

All services charged on an hourly basis.



We’ll meet the moving truck at your rental property and supervise as movers unload your personal belongings or deliver your storage pod in the requested location. We will make sure that all your items are placed in the correct rooms and that everything has arrived safely. If damage to your items or damage to the property occurs, we will take photos of the damage and record everything on your moving contract so you aren’t left footing the bill.


Sometimes people arrive in town before their belongings do! And if you fly in, you’ll only have what’s in your luggage. Bend Relocation Services can help you acquire blow-up mattresses, sheets, pillows, towels, chairs, tables, silverware, glasses, lights and more based on what you need at your apartment for living in Bend.


We can connect you with a local interior designer based on your personal taste and budget. The designer can help you decorate your rental with brand new furnishings, use your existing furnishings or use a combination of both. Part of the service can include taking you shopping and introducing you to local retail stores, second-hand stores, antique shops, and more.


Need your utilities set up before you arrive? No problem! We will get the keys for your rental from the property management company or the homeowner and meet the utility company at the house so they can set up WIFI, cable or anything else you need before you arrive.


Whether it’s packages or your automobile, you can have anything and everything you want shipped to us and we will hold it until you arrive. If your rental apartment is available before you arrive, we will even take your stored contents over to your rental for you!


Often times our clients rent a house that needs to be baby proofed or pet proofed and they want it done before they arrive. We are happy to make sure that anything and everything needed to keep your small ones safe is properly installed so you can let them loose as soon as you get here.

What Our Customers Say

Karen Jean

Bend Relocation Services performs exceptional concierge services to home owners wishing to lease their personal, vacation or investment properties to folks relocating to Bend. Melissa and Fernando handle EVERYTHING, including matching a prospective tenant to your home, helping turn over the home including coordinating repairs and maintenance, organizing furnishings, putting items in storage or for sale, and literally getting the home happily lived in by your new tenant. I could not have done this without Bend Relocation Services! They took over all tasks that I did not have time or the contacts to make happen efficiently, professionally and affordably. Thank you Bend Relocation Services!

jane klonsky

My husband and I looked unsuccessfully for a rental in Bend for 2 months. We were moving from Vermont to Bend with 2 large dogs. From our first conversation with Melissa, we felt comfortable. She took the time to get to know us, and listened carefully to who we were and to what was important to us. Melissa is friendly and outgoing. She was our advocate throughout the entire process and followed up on any and all concerns, even after we moved into our rental. We so appreciated Melissa’s hard work and diligence in getting the job done and will always be grateful to her. She is quite an awesome person, compassionate and kind, with a great sense of humor. Melissa and Bend Relocation Services are the BEST!