View A Rental – $150

Perhaps you’ve already found the ideal rental in Bend…

Perhaps you’ve already found the ideal rental in Bend, or you will be relocating for employment reasons, but you need someone to tour the property and take pictures, video and measurements for you. We’re happy to serve as your eyes and ears, touring the Bend, Oregon rental property inside and out and assess the surrounding neighborhood. Our goal is to make you as familiar with the apartment, condo or house rental property as possible before relocating for employment without being in Bend, Oregon in person.


We will make an appointment at your convenience to tour the interior and exterior of your chosen rental property before employment relocation to Bend, Oregon. Depending on your availability and desire, we can tour the rental via FaceTime or Skype. Don’t have FaceTime or Skype or can’t make the appointment? No problem! We can also take photos or video and go over them with you on the phone whenever you’re available. While inside the rental, we can take measurements and gather all critical information including rental terms, utilities and maintenance that may need to be performed before your move-in date.