It’s no surprise that a common goal for this year’s spring break is to find ways to have fun while still limiting the spread of COVID-19 as vaccinations continue to roll out. Fortunately, everyone could use a good staycation! It’s a great way to have fun with a limited number of friends or family while also saving some money and even doing something that you’ve been wanting to try for a long time. Here are our favorite spring break ideas for everyone living in Bend!

1. Take a Local Hike

If you’re moving to Bend, one of the best things to do is try some of the local trails around the city. There’s a ton to explore, you don’t need to drive up to the mountains to have fun, and you can go as fast or as leisurely as you want! Start by checking out popular parks like Shevlin or Riverbend, and seeing what trails branch off from there.

2. Schedule a Local Tour

Pick a place and get to know it! Planned tours, like those of Deschutes Brewery and other popular places, are currently limited by starting to open back up. The same is true of tours for historical buildings downtown,  the High Desert Museum, and other locations. See who is offering a tour and schedule early to plan your fun!

3. Look for Online Classes

While in-person classes are still limited, there are plenty of online classes available in a variety of topics, hosted by Central Oregon Community College, the University of Oregon, and other places. This is an excellent opportunity to take a fun class that you’ve been wanting to try, like art, photography, writing, or cooking!

4. Plan and Plant Your Garden

Do you have important garden dreams for herbs, flowers, veggies, or more? Spring break is the perfect time to finally plan out your garden, find out what options are currently in-season, and start planting. Just remember the irrigation!

5. Go Camping

By March, many of the longer, higher-elevation trails in Central Oregon are slowly starting to open back up again, and camping is starting to become a more popular outdoor activity. Of course, you don’t have to go big – backyard camping is always a fun option (and you get to test out your camping equipment).

6. Go on a Food Tour

Check out reviews, recommendations and favorite spots around Bend to see where people like eating the most and what looks interesting to try. Pick a different meal to try each day of the week – you can either visit in person or order food online for social distancing!

7. Research Local Wildlife

What animals are you most likely to see around your home in Bend? What local birds will show up there? Do you know what kind of bugs to expect in your yard? Another staycation idea is to research local wildlife and see what you can find around your home! You’ll learn a lot about the region (along with what pests to watch for).

8. Do a Costume Photoshoot

This popular staycation option remains an excellent choice to enjoy a day off with your loved ones. Break out inventive costume ideas and cosmetics, then go to town! But don’t forget to document everything with photos so you’ll have a lasting reminder!

9. Take a River Walk

The Deschutes River flows through much of central Bend: Taking walks along it can be both relaxing and quite informative for those who want to get to know the city! It’s a great choice if you prefer something more leisurely than hiking – and something more connected to downtown.

10. Take a Nap

You deserve it!