What are the Best Schools in Bend, Oregon?

We get this question a lot! Choosing the “right” school for your child when there are so many choices is super stressful. Everyone you ask has a different opinion, and the online statistics only contribute to the confusion and uncertainty of your decision. The consequences of choosing a “bad” school mean switching schools yet again after you’ve moved to Bend and no one wants that.

A Quick Bend-Lapine School 101:

The city of Bend alone has 17 elementary schools, seven middle schools, four high schools, and another two high schools opening in the fall of 2018. Each of these schools is “districted” which means where you live in Bend dictates which school your child will attend. Currently, three of the elementary schools are magnet schools, two are charter schools, and seven schools have a “lottery” enrollment.

Here are the differences between the type of schools in Bend:

  • Charter School: Public school independently operated with private financial support.
  • Magnet School: Public school often with a specific curricular focus (science, technology, arts…)
  • Lottery Enrollment: Regardless of district, anyone can submit their information into a lottery for a magnet school. Only one submission is allowed and the admission is not transferable.

Additionally, Bend offers private schools, independent schools, home schools, and online education options. Wait, did we mention the various special needs, immersion, TAG or IB programs offered within the different schools?

Our Take on Things:

First and foremost, each school in Bend, Oregon offers a great education. There aren’t any “bad” schools in Bend, but there may be a school that’s a “bad fit” for your child. I equate the different schools in Bend to different breeds of dogs. I love Hounds. I know they can be difficult to train and they’re loud, but I love that they require minimal grooming and are independent by nature. However, for those who long for needy affection, interaction, and constant companionship, a Golden Retriever is more your breed. Hounds aren’t “bad,” nor are Golden Retrievers. Both are wonderful but require the right “fit” for mutual happiness. Every school in Bend is different and unique. Each has a different look, a different size, different strengths, different learning styles, and a completely different energy. Therefore, a school that may be terrific for my child may not be the best fit for yours.

Our Solution:

I spend a lot of time visiting the schools in Bend. I learn about the various education types and offerings. I get to know them individually to understand what makes each one of them different and unique. The information I provide is current, factual, objective, and unbiased. You know your children better than anyone. My goal is to answer every question you have and provide you with as much information as possible. I want you and your child to feel confident in choosing your school.

How Do We Achieve This?

We here at Bend Relocation Services learn all about your child; everything from social needs to academic and extra-curricular strengths and weaknesses. We want to know about their current school. What do they like, dislike, what’s working and what’s not? Then we tell you about the schools in Bend based on you and your child’s personal needs. Depending on your ability to visit, we schedule and accompany you on personal tours of the schools. Finally, we help you navigate through applications and registration to simplify the enrollment process.

Your child will be enrolled in the best school in Bend with our help!