Anyway you slice it, the rentals in Bend, Oregon are high. Why you ask? The combination of Bend’s growth in popularity and the inability to keep up with the demand creates an opportunity to increase rental prices. So in a competitive and expensive market, here are some ways to find a “good deal”.

Location, Location, Location!

Bend is divided into four quadrants. Northwest, Southwest, Northeast and Southeast. Using the attached map as a guide, here is how the different neighborhoods in Bend fall into these quadrants.

rentals in Bend Oregon

Northwest: Rentals in the Northwest are always going to be the most expensive. These neighborhoods are close to Downtown and the Old Mill and this quadrant is where the “mass” population of Bend began. 

  • Part of Boyd Acres (West of Bend Parkway)
  • Awbrey Butte
  • Summit West
  • River West
  • Old Bend

Southwest: The next most expensive area for rentals in Bend, Oregon. Partly because it shares the same middle school and high school with the Northwest but also because of the accessibility to the Old Mill and the River Trail.

  • Century West
  • Southwest Bend
  • Southern Crossing
  • Deschutes River Woods (South of Southwest Bend, not pictured)

Northeast: The Mountain View neighborhood has some great deals for rentals in Bend, Oregon. This area is near the hospital and there are several older apartment complexes and duplexes that offer great deals. Orchard District has become more expensive as the majority of houses sit on larger lots, the area is very centrally located and the once outdated ‘70’s midcentury houses are now coming back in style.

  • Part of Boyd Acres (East of Bend Parkway)
  • Mountain View
  • Orchard District (Midtown)

Southeast: The Southeast district in Bend as a whole is still the least expensive and where you can find the best deals on single family houses. Though there are a lot of new developments popping up in this district, a majority of the area is still inhabited by farmland.

  • Larkspur
  • Old Farm District
  • Southeast Bend

Remember it’s a Rental!

I am a homebody and love the feeling of “coming home”. I also completely understand how important it is to feel comfortable and safe in your home. Having said that, clients who plan on living in a rental for a year or two before buying often forget that a rental is a temporary home. Not that you shouldn’t feel comfortable and safe in your rental but remember that your rental serves a purpose. It is the stepping-stone in your move to Bend. Therefore, find a rental that allows you to have a home base as you send out your feelers for your forever home. Choose a rental in an area with like-minded folk, that doesn’t break your budget and that’s accessible to all the reasons why you moved to Bend. The feeling of home will come from what you make of the rental, not from what it looks like when it’s empty. That “Wow Factor” and “Bling” come with a price tag. Weigh the importance of location, updates and size versus the ability to save money for your quality of life and saving for your forever home.

Though good deals are still out there, the market is competitive and rentals in Bend, Oregon go fast. If you are struggling to find a rental or just don’t have the time or desire to secure one, please reach out to us. We work with homeowners and Property Management companies to get rentals in Bend, Oregon before they are listed to the public. We can get you in before the masses and give you choices so the rental hunting process becomes enjoyable.