At Bend Relocation Services, we know many people are focused on relocating to Bend – whether that means finding a rental, the right job, or the best location for your entire family. But there’s another thing to think about when you’re ready to make your move: Getting a new home prepared to move in. Let’s go over the vital steps you should take before your movers come knocking on your new Bend residence!

1. Schedule a Preliminary Walkthrough

This is an important step to make sure everything in your new home is as expected. Make sure the fixtures and amenities are what you wanted, check for any signs of unexpected damage, and make sure the area has been cleaned and debris removed. If you see any problems, immediately arrange to have them addressed by the landlord (if you are renting) before you move in.

2. Do a Little Cleaning of Your Own

Your new home will typically have already been cleaned…but that’s not always enough. Grab some cleaning supplies and look at the closets, showers, pantry, fridge, and other spots. Make sure they are ready for you to move in. If you’ve got kids or pets making the move with you, you’re going to want to check for possible hazards and arrange for protection when necessary. It’s generally easier to do this before all your belongings arrive!

3. Sketch Out Some Plans

Now that you are in your home space, you can start making specific plans for setting up furniture and décor in the empty rooms. If you have a mobile device with the right sensors, you can even capture the rooms as a three-dimensional digital space to start working on where your belongings will go.

4. Double-Check Your Utilities

You absolutely want all your utilities working properly before your stuff gets to your new home. Electricity, water, internet – make sure it’s all in working order before you begin. If there’s a problem with any utility, make it your priority to get that fixed before anything else.

If you’ve already arranged for utilities and know they won’t be on quite yet, this is also a good time to plan out your meals, etc., so you’ll be ready.

5. Master the Emergency Shutoffs

Locate the shutoff valves for your water main (and your toilets, for that matter) and gas lines. Make sure you know where the breaker panel is too. You’ll be glad you did this early and got it out of the way!

6. Remove Doors

For larger furniture and appliances, you often need to take the doors off rooms to get them inside and avoid damage. While movers are experienced at this, you may want to do it yourself early on so you can choose where the doors go and make sure nothing gets damaged along the way.

7. Turn on the Heat

If you’re moving in winter, your new home is probably going to be chilly. It’s a good idea to get there early so you can at least turn on the heat ahead of the movers! This is also a great time to get use to the heating and cooling system, check where the vents are in each room, and so on.

8. Make Sure  the Moving Truck has Room

Check the streets, your driveway, and other important areas to make sure the moving truck has room to maneuver. Clear out the necessary space (or talk to your neighbors about moving cars) so that it will be able to fit.

9. Protect More Fragile Floors

If you have flooring that could get scratched or cracked – like wood floors, marble tiles, and so on – it’s a good idea to cover it with a tarp ahead of the move. This helps avoid any potential damage when dealing with heavy items. Just make sure your covering doesn’t increase the risk of slipping.

10. Say Hi to the Neighbors

Living in Bend means getting to know some friendly people: If you can get a little free time before the movers arrive, say a quick hello to the neighbors and introduce yourself so they know what to expect! This also helps with some of the above steps, like making sure the moving truck has enough room. Neighbors can also offer advice on moving in with pets or kids, or other helpful details.

Bend Relocation Services is your relocation company in Central Oregon ready to help with all the details of moving and planning. From finding pet-friendly rentals in Bend to helping you check out rental properties from a distance, we’re ready to be your partner when your plans get serious.