Bend Relocation Services is more than happy to help you find a rental property when you are relocating to Bend. However, when the day finally arrives, the Wi-Fi is set up at last, and you’re almost finished unpacking the last boxes…what do you do then?

Obviously, we encourage you to head out into the city and try our many trails, shops, breweries, and beer gardens! But we also want to give a little advice about how to care for your new home once you have it set up. Here are the most important things to do after you move in.

1. Check the Location of Emergency Shutoff Valves

Look for the shutoff valve to your water main so that you can quickly turn the water off if a disaster like frozen and burst pipes happens. You’ll be glad you took the time when an emergency strikes. The same is true of finding your circuit breakers. Even if you are in a rental, it’s still a good idea to know where these basic features are in case you need to respond quickly.

2. Check Your Garbage Schedule

If you haven’t already signed up for trash services, now is the time! If you already have, look up your disposal services and find out which days are your garbage days. Check how your recycling days alternate for different materials too, so you’re prepared to deal with all kinds of trash.

3. Childproof Your Home

If you have young children, this is a great time to start childproofing cabinets now that they are filled – as well as outlets, stairways, and general areas you want to keep off limits!

4. Register Your Driver’s License and Vehicle with the State

If you moved from out of state to Bend, make sure to get this important step finished – you only have a certain amount of time to legally re-register your auto information.

Speaking of registering, this is also a good time to register with local physicians and clinics, as well as finding a veterinarian and registering your pet with them. According to city laws, your dogs do need to be vaccinated, so it’s also a good idea to check that all your vaccinations are current.

5. Introduce Yourself to Neighbors

If your living situation permits it, don’t forget to say hi to the neighbors! They may have helpful advice about the neighborhood and will be happy to meet someone who has moved in next door.

6. Set Up Security if Necessary

If you have a home security system, take a little time to set it up in your new home and make sure everything is connected properly. This could involve connecting it to your Wi-Fi, setting up all the app settings, registering your new address with remote monitoring services, or all the above. If you are moving into a rental, now is the time to understand how security systems included with the rental work, and make sure you know how to arm and disarm the system easily.

7. Figure Out Which Windows (Currently) Get the Most Sunlight

It may seem like a small note now, but you can close the shades on windows in the summer to help keep things cool and let the sun flood in during the winter to help warm things up. Keep an eye on this throughout the year so you’re always ready!

8. Recycle Your Packing Materials

Don’t forget to recycle your boxes and packing materials: You can donate them, take them to a collection center, or simply wait for your recycling day and fit them into the appropriate bin. Check to see if you used recyclable packing foam, too – it’s typically color-coded based on how recyclable it is.

9. Spend Some Time with Your Pets

If you moved with your pets, you probably know that they’re feeling a little anxious right now. Spend some with them and make sure their favorite things are set up so they can start feeling at home. It may be time to visit a pet supply store and get some extra toys or treats to mark the occasion.

10. Create a List of Everything You Forgot

As you finish moving in, it’s common to realize there are several things you forgot or didn’t realize you needed to make your home feel complete. This is the perfect time to note down a list of all the extras and make plans to go out and buy them. This is also a great way to find out what supermarkets and home improvement stores you prefer around Bend, as well as getting a general feeling for the various shopping centers.

If you’re still in the stages of finding rental properties or homes in Bend and want help, our relocation company in Central Oregon is here for you! From work and school to figuring out your way around town or finding pet-friendly rentals in Bend, we can offer the solutions you need.