Trying to figure out how to celebrate Halloween this year? While trick-or-treating is an open-air activity, the CDC is recommending that families skip it in the age of COVID-19 due to the potential of kids spreading infections. And Halloween house parties are completely out of question!

Where does that leave Halloween fans living in Bend? Don’t worry: There’s still plenty you can do to celebrate the season and lots of activities for families. Here are several of our favorite ideas!

1. Jack-o-Lantern Carving

Pumpkin carving is one activity that can easily be scaled up to a family, or even a small group of friends, and allow everyone to have fun. Plus, it’s easy to display jack-o-lanterns for the enjoyment of your neighbors without worrying about breaking any social distancing regulations. This is going to be even more of a popular option than before, so get your pumpkins early!

2. Virtual Halloween Costume Contest

This is a great option for a class of kids or friend group. Announce a Halloween costume contest and send everyone a Zoom link (or similar invite) for the evening that works best for people. This can be easily leveled up to an adult party by adding drinks and Halloween cocktail walkthroughs.

3. High Desert Halloween

High Desert Museum’s Halloween day is still a go on Oct. 24, filled with spooky stories and old myths about local wildlife. Face coverings are required, and the Museum may limit how many people are visiting exhibits at once time, but this should still be an excellent event for families looking for safe Halloween activities that don’t disappoint.

4. Halloween Movie Night

Streaming services, RedBox, and similar services all stock up on Halloween movies for just this time of year. Celebrate by picking out a movie for the family and organizing a happy family movie night. Delicious Halloween snacks are the perfect accompaniment, too!

5. Organize a Trunk-or-Treat

A trunk-or-treat means loading up your car with Halloween party items and driving to a favorite spot to enjoy a mini-Halloween party far from home. This makes it easy to follow social distancing for small groups and is ideal for the great vistas around Central Oregon.

6. Try a Bike Parade

Make bike-friendly costumes and organize a bike parade around your favorite neighborhood! This is a great way to celebrate Halloween while staying far enough apart to meet regulations – while showing off the costumes you worked hard on! It can be just the family, or you can invite friends along as well.

7. Dress Up with Halloween Hair Sparkles

Wool Town Bend, in downtown, is offering Halloween Hair Sparkles for wigs and similar items to give them a cool Halloween makeover. The shop has taken measures to make sure social distancing rules are followed, so you’ll have to make appointments in advance, but it’s a cool little activity for kids or friends building the perfect Halloween costume (pairs well with the bike parade, too).

8. Halloween Disc Golf Doubles

Pine Nursery Disc Golf Course is also offering appointments for doubles specifically for Halloween. It’s a great way to have fun with friends and loved ones: There’s also an official raffle and costume contest to take part in if you really want to go all in!

9. Pick a Big Fall Recipe to Try

Tackle a big recipe that’s perfect for the season and get the whole family involved. It’s a lot more special when everyone chips in to help – and it can also be a fun activity if you and your significant other are looking for things to do together.

10. Look for a Suitable Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are easy to scale from very simple to very complex depending on your family or group. It’s also easy to tie them to Halloween items or decorations – or hidden locations of Halloween candy!