Moving can be exciting, offering the promises of new opportunities in Bend, Oregon. Less exciting is the act of packing everything you own into boxes. However, forming a plan and seeing it through eases the burden of this entire process.

Here are 10 tips for packing to move to a new city:

1. Don’t wait till last minute to start

Want to make an already stressful experience more stressful – wait till the last minute to start packing. As soon as your move is confirmed, begin to pack for at least one hour a day for manageability. Chances are, you can pack up your beautiful wall art and any off-season clothes a few months before you move.

2. Take what you need and leave the rest

The less you have, the less you have to pack. Try to get rid of the clutter before your move rather than waiting until you get to your new home. Donate, sell or give away items that are of no use to you anymore. As a general rule of thumb – if you haven’t used it in a year, you’re likely not going to use it.

3. Set apart a kit of the essentials

You’re not going to unpack everything on your first night in your new home, so assemble a “go-bag” with the essentials: toiletries, clothes, chargers, etc. Be sure to complete this step before you accidentally store these items.

4. Secure your fragile items

You don’t want to open a box only to discover shattered dishes or vases. Protect your fragile items using bunched up packing paper (or newspaper), cloth padding, bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts. Remember to add a layer of cushion between each glass plate, dish or cup.

5. Don’t pack these items with the others

Certain items just shouldn’t move with the rest, including paint, cleaning chemicals, fire extinguishers and more. As an added precaution, use a plastic tote for these items to avoid hazardous leaks.

6. Take pictures of furniture, electronics and accessories

Before you unplug the television or break down the bed, take photos of any wires, screws or necessary settings. A quick snapshot will make setup easier in your new home. You can use plastic bags to store cords and small fasteners and tape them to the appropriate furniture for safekeeping.

7. Color-code your boxes by room

Invest in various colors of labels or tape to make your move more organized. Assign a color for each room of the house and only use the corresponding tape for those boxes. Additionally, label the contents of the box for easy access to anything you might need when you first relocate.

8. Pack your clothes efficiently

Clothes can take up a lot of space and even more time to pack. To easily transport your hanging clothes, cut a small hole in the bottom of a garbage bag and place the hanger hooks through it. This makeshift garment bag shields your clothes while saving space in boxes.

9. Pack heavy items in small boxes

Control the weight of your boxes by placing heavy items like books into small containers. You’ll only be able to fit so much into each box and the size will make them more comfortable to carry.

10. Do a final walkthrough

Make sure you didn’t leave anything behind by conducting a final walkthrough…and then another. Check cabinets and small storage spaces you may have forgotten about to ensure everything makes it on the truck.

Patience, planning and a set of good friends makes packing and moving a fun and quick task in a checklist full of chores. Bend Relocation Services can shoulder the load of your transition to Bend, Oregon by taking care of several of those tasks for you.