You’ve taken the big step of finalizing the arrangements for your new rental home or apartment as you move to Bend – now comes the all-important task of making your new digs truly feel like “home.” There’s furniture to move in, decor to hang and everything else that comes along with moving to a new location. And part of making any new residence feel like a home is ensuring you’re not too cramped in the space while complying with any lease agreement that you’ve signed. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some space-saving techniques and other tips for getting settled in your new home:

10 Ways to Make the Most of Your New Space (and Other Tips)

  1. Utilize the space under your bed: There’s storage space out there to be had – sometimes you just need to find it. One of the most overlooked areas is under your bed. Store things like ironing boards, seasonal decor, clothes and more.
  2. Vertical bookcases: Instead of lots of shelves and bookcases, select those that maximize the space and storage by choosing vertical ones that extend to the ceiling.
  3. Multi-use furniture: Tables that double as desks, sofas that convert to beds, foldable furniture – select furniture that can serve multiple purposes.
  4. No damage wall hangers: Don’t chance damaging the walls when you decorate, instead pick up some no-damage wall hangers. These adhere to the wall, can support several pounds in weight and are easily removed for more flexible decorating.
  5. Storage bins: One of the most overlooked storage areas in closets is the floor area. Invest in some stackable storage bins to ensure this space doesn’t go to waste.
  6. Over the door organizers: Maximize use of any closet space by investing in the likes of shoe racks, ironing board holders and organizers that hang over doors.
  7. Storage ottomans: This tip is in line with flexible furniture, but it’s worth a separate call out. Storage ottomans are great in that they’re stylish, offer a way to kick up your feet and can also store the likes of blankets, magazines or other items that you’d prefer to tuck away when you’re not using them.
  8. Shower caddy: Free up bathroom counter space by investing in a shower caddy. These hang over the shower head and can hold a variety of toiletries.
  9. Forget entertainment centers: Opt for mounting your TV to the wall or positioning it on a fireplace mantel to save space in your living area.
  10. Utilize all storage space: Don’t let any crawlspaces under stairs, shelves in closets or cabinets go unused. Get creative if you have to!

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