If you are relocating to Bend from another area, then planning and managing the details is very important – but not always easy. A relocation company in Central Oregon like Bend Relocation Services can make many steps easier, but there are still tasks that need direct handling…and one of the most common examples is finding a place to stay.

If you are looking for home rentals in Bend and don’t have enough time to be there in person, then your best option is to find a virtual tour or similar online method of reviewing rentals and narrowing down your options for application. Here’s how to get the most from these virtual services!

1. Use a Local Relocation Service

One of the most useful steps in looking for rentals in Central Oregon is to find someone local to help, a relocation professional who knows where to look, what’s available, and what fits your needs. This will help for a couple of reasons: First, someone experienced with the local rental market can send you the right links and sites to find virtual tours that you can watch in your own time. Second, if you really need to narrow down the details, a relocation professional can usually arrange to visit the property and livestream a tour or capture video to send to you later. It saves time, and our relocation services do all of that for you!

2. When in Doubt, Ask for a Video

If you are exploring rental properties on your own, always ask for a video of the property. Owners or property management services should have a video that they can direct you to, so you get a worthwhile virtual tour. If a standard virtual tour isn’t available, don’t be afraid to ask for a more personal video of the specific unit you have in mind. After all, the property manager and similar contacts are often near the property can easily help.

3. Take a 360 Virtual Tour of the Rental

A videotaped tour of the rental is the most advantageous if you are moving to Bend but can’t quite visit right away. Bend Relocation Services will tour the home or unit for you and videotape the interior, allowing you to view every room. We’ll make sure to give you a comprehensive look at the size of the living space, room details, exterior of the rental and the surrounding neighborhood. Then, we’ll meet with you via Zoom, FaceTime or Skype to go over the video with you.

4. Schedule a Video Chat

If you can contact the owner or property manager directly, you can also benefit from a live video chat that tours the unit you are interested in via smartphone. This allows you to ask questions in real time from someone who knows the property, and you can request close looks at whatever you want throughout the unit. This option tends to work well for single-resident rental properties and owners than may only be renting that property.

Finally, keep in mind that while a lack of virtual tour options isn’t a dealbreaker, it can sometimes be a warning sign. If someone outright denies a virtual tour, something may be wrong with the property or the renting model. That’s why it’s best to work with an experienced relocation company in Central Oregon like Bend Relocation Services!