Central Oregon has a reputation as one of the most pet-friendly places around, especially for active dogs that want lots of opportunities to play! But those moving to Bend and looking for a rental may find that it can actually be a challenge to locate a rental that accepts pets. These tips will help you find the best pet-friendly rentals in Bend for you and your furry friend, so start here!

1. Always Filter Search Results

If you are working with an agent or a relocation company in Bend like Bend Relocation Services, we will be happy to look for pet-friendly renting options for you (and any specific needs your pet may have). But if you are browsing options on their own, always filter by rentals that accept pets. Every major online platform for rentals will have this as one of the filter options, so just make sure it’s checked!

This can save a lot of time – although not all listings will put pet options in their profile. If you want to expand your rental options as wide as possible, arrange a call with the manager or owner of a rental you like, even if the listing says no pets. Some people, especially individual owners, may be willing to make an exception when they hear the details and decide you are trustworthy.

2. Get Your Pet References in Order

A growing number of rentals will require pet references even if they advertise as not pet friendly. Always include pet references with your paperwork, and if you don’t have any yet request them right away from past landlords, roommates, or professional pet sitters. Sometimes great references can even convince a pet-averse owner to consider your application. Include a cute pet pic, too!

3. Look for House and Townhome Rentals

These rental options are generally more likely to accept pets than condos or apartment buildings, so they’re a good place to start. Plus, it’s more likely that these rentals will have yards for your pet to play and fences to keep them safe. We can help you find the right rentals.

4. Budget Extra Costs

Pet-friendly rentals in Bend do come with extra costs. Expect an extra fee for having a pet as a baseline. For smaller apartments, expect additional fees if your pet is over 30 pounds or so. You may have to pay an extra fee for a cat as well, or have additional references for cats, since many owners worry about cats scratching materials (or spraying) and causing damage.

5. Start Looking as Early as Possible

Bend is one of the most pet-friendly cities in the country and is a popular relocation spot for certain demographics…many of them pet owners. That means competition can be fierce! Start looking early and be prepared to apply immediately if you find a rental you like. Use any advantage you have, including friends or coworkers living in Bend Oregon who may know what a place will be available, searching for roommates to split rent with, or expanding your search to nearby areas like Redmond.

If apartments allow you to sign up for notification in case of a vacancy, get on the list for pet-friendly spots. We can help you jump-start your search with our knowledge of rental vacancies in the area, as well as speed up your application process!