Looking for great rentals in Bend, Oregon? When you’re ready to start renting, it’s important to have all your plans in order – preferably before you relocate. Finding the right rental doesn’t have to be a challenge, though: These steps will help you get started.

Start with Your Budget

It can be very difficult to pick a rental property if you don’t know how much you are willing to spend. Your first step should always be to consider your income, living expenses, and how much you can comfortable afford. This is also a good time to get your proof of income or new hire letter, references, pet info, and other details ready for your application! Overall, one-bedroom apartments are around $1,000 in Bend currently, but there can be a lot of variation due to factors like neighborhood, which brings us to our next tip…

Understand Location

Bend has a number of different neighborhoods, each with their own identities and rental opportunities. Eastside (Mountain View, Orchard District, and Larkspur), for example, has more traditional apartment buildings and is a great pick if you need to be near the hospital or the shopping centers on that side of the city. Downtown and Old Bend have an interesting mix of single-family home rentals and newer rental apartments along the edges that are worth checking out. A number of rentals are also in River West and Summit West around the community college, although these can be quite competitive.

Think About Utilities and Amenities

Always check to see what utilities are offered, and what you will have to pay for directly (internet, heating, electricity, etc.). If you need any particular amenities, like a pet-friendly rental for your dog – which may require extra fees – or a balcony to get some sun, then make those requirements clear early on so you can sort through the rentals that won’t cut it.

Physically View the Property If Necessary

Sometimes physically viewing the property is a requirement for renting – or at least sending a representative like a family member. In other cases, tenants are allowed to rent the property sight unseen. It’s important to know which works best for you, and which the owners will allow.

Viewing a property in person is also a great way to cut down on any scam attempts and get a better idea if it will work for your situation. If you need to plan a temporary visit to Bend to check out properties, look into AirBnb short-term rentals, as they are very popular around the city. You should also get in touch with us at Bend Relocation Services to help make finding, viewing, and applying for a rental much easier. We will tour up to five rental properties, take pictures, video and measurements for you.

Look for a Group to Cut Down Costs

If you are looking for a way to save money, social media like Meetup and Facebook are filled with groups looking to rent together, or roommates looking for a partner. This can reduce housing costs, but it’s more important than ever to have a plan, a written contract, referrals, lifestyle rules, and a way to split fees. This is a common solution in Bend when renting single-family houses, but it’s not for everyone.

Remember, planning to rent doesn’t have to be complicated with the right relocation company. Bend Relocation Services can help recommend a neighborhood, weed out scams, and arrange the details while you focus on the best relocation strategy. Take a look at our services for those both in and out of town to learn more!