As your friendly relocation company in Central Oregon, we’re always on the watch for ways to enjoy the beautiful landscape in and around Bend. One of the classic photo ops is leaf-peeping season, where the leaves turn their richest golds and reds, and it’s time to bring out the camera. Leaf peeping season in Bend is beautiful but short, so it’s important to act fast if you’re living in Bend or in the process of relocating to Bend!

1. Drake Park

Drake Park’s central location in Bend means that it’s easy to access for the whole family. The gorgeous trees turn bright yellows and golds in a perfect contrast to their dark trunks, the nearby river, and the green lawns, so it’s no surprise that this is a particularly popular spot for photographers, painters, and others to come enjoy fall. The cafes within walking distance are also a perfect stop for a warm drink!

2. Metolius Preserve

All the Metolius trails make for excellent leaf-peeping spots thanks to the abundance of vine maples. While you can find many different points for photos and other artistic opportunities here, it’s a good idea to pick trails that are close to the river for the most stunning autumn views.

3. Deschutes River Trail

Central Oregon has a lot of evergreens like Ponderosa pine and juniper trees, but that doesn’t mean there are no trees to turn for the fall. Aspen trees turn along the Deschutes River Trail for brilliant splashes of red and white. There are also choke cherry and dogwood bushes that will turn rich red in autumn, leading to many creative landscape shots that are much more than just another golden leaf pic. Start with a popular trailhead like Benham Falls! Also, remember that the trails out here start to get cold, especially if you’re going out in the morning weather, so be sure to bundle up!

4. Old Mill District

The Old Mill District has a gorgeous autumn phase thanks to its trees lining many of the surrounding streets, which have grown over the years to become a tremendous display of color. This is a great spot to walk around if you are interested in contrasting the fall leaves with the Old Mill stacks, the river, or the red brick of the renovated buildings – there are lots of opportunities!

5. Tumalo Falls

Tumalo Falls is another area with aspen groves that have a beautiful autumn phase. There aren’t a lot of aspens around the falls themselves, but you will be rewarded if you explore the Tumalo Creek Trail, which will have many unique vistas to experience. If you catch a warm day, it’s a great place to play with the family for an afternoon and even pack a lunch to enjoy.

6. Shevlin Park

Shevlin Park covers more than 650 acres, but don’t worry – we can narrow it down a little for leaf-peeping purposes. Explore near Fremont Meadows, where there are once again some excellent aspen groves that are easy to access and offer many photo opportunities.

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