We’ve talked before about how Bend is one of the remote work capitals of the world, and how that’s become even more true since 2020 introduced working from home to a whole lot of new industries. But if you’re relocating to Bend or switching to a remote work position in Central Oregon, you probably have a few questions about how to do it – without throwing your life into chaos. So we talked to experienced work-from-homers in the area to see just how they mastered it. Here are the tips worth practicing!

1. Set Aside a Dedicated Space

Your couch is no place to work from! To work from home successfully, you need to set up a separate space that’s specifically for work, a space you can return to day after day to go into “work mode.” It doesn’t have to be a separate room or an especially large space (although it can be), but rather a place that’s set up for all your work needs and clearly designated for your job. This also allows you to train kids and pets to leave you alone when you are in your work space – although that’s a whole other challenge!

2. Develop Strong Routines

People switching to a work-from-home situation often feel the loss of routine deeply – and it can make completing tasks difficult. One of the best ways to combat that is with a new routine that you develop the moment you wake up. This could include going for a jog, dressing up in more professional clothes, going over your current work tasks, and more. The routine should also include breaks for meals, water, bathroom time, and whatever else you need. Making this routine a habit will help prevent distractions.

3. Communicate with Coworkers

Most remote work situations come with new communication tools for coworkers, from Zoom sessions to daily phone calls. It’s a good idea to embrace and regularly use these alternative forms of communication. Staying in touch with coworkers isn’t just about getting the job done – it also helps recreate your office network in the digital space. Master the new tools, use them regularly, and always stay in touch with your team!

4. Schedule Everything

Remote work generally comes with juggling both work and home responsibilities, from picking up groceries to taking care of the kids. Your best friend for navigating this challenge is scheduling! Pull out your favorite scheduling app every morning and make sure all of the day’s needs and events are written down. Whenever any new task comes up, immediately add it to your calendar. This is a great way to stay organized and keep from getting overwhelmed, even if it does take a little practice.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Upgrade Your Devices

When starting to work from home do an audit on your electronics devices. Is your laptop screen really big enough to manage work responsibilities? Is your webcam capable of good footage for web conferences? Do you need a tablet or a second screen to manage additional tasks? Don’t be afraid to upgrade or add new devices to your home workstation – especially if remote work is a long-term prospect for you.

6. Set a Period to Shut Down

Sometimes, it’s hard to know when to stop, too. Set a time in the evening when you are officially done with work. Walk away from your workstation the same way you would leave the office – once you’re gone, work is done. This gives you a signal to relax, save things for tomorrow, and focus on loved ones instead of stressing about the job.

If you’re looking to relocate to this remote working capital, contact us at Bend Relocation Services. We can help you find a rental in Bend and get settled into your new home.