Relocating to Bend and finding a new home involves many important steps – and our relocation company in Central Oregon is happy to help you with them, from finding rental properties to arranging for corporate relocation. But one of the most important things about finding a new home is making sure it’s safe for you and your loved ones. Here’s an important checklist you can review when adding safety features to your new home!

1. A House-Friendly Medical Kit

A medical kit is an important home asset but take a minute to make sure it’s the right one. A good home kit isn’t designed to be used for camping or survival. Instead, it’s made to be easily stored in a house, in a readily accessed area, and used to treat a variety of minor wounds or other issues. Look for first aid kits that have plenty of supplies for many different situations so they can last for years. It’s also a good idea to stock up on swabs and Band-Aids, as these can go fast over time. Store extra bottled water near the kit, too – it’s important to have a source of clean water handy for many reasons.

Finally, you may want to add a few important additions to any first aid kit you get, including a store of vital medications (for allergies, asthma, heart conditions, etc.) and pet medications that your pets may require as well.

2. A Home Fire Extinguisher

This is a very common item for home safety, but they can get forgotten or lost in the process of a move, so you may have to get another one. Find a small extinguisher that’s easy to use and can be placed under the kitchen sink in case of a grease fire or other issue (most house fires start in the kitchen). You can find one of these extinguishers at any home improvement store, and many department stores.

3. A List of Emergency Contacts

This is an important safety measure to update whenever you move to a new home. Have an easily accessible, waterproof list of important emergency contacts. This should include not only contacts among family and friends, but also contacts for local doctors, emergency medical services, and other important services where time is a factor.

4. A Smart Lock and Smart Security Cam

If you have the option, consider installing a smart lock and smart security cam or video doorbell on your new home. These devices are more affordable than ever and offer serious protection that’s easy to manage thanks to today’s mobile apps. They can stop burglaries, spot and scare away porch pirates, and quickly let you know if anyone is at the front door or in your home.

If you are looking for a rental, you may not have the option to choose security devices yourself. However, you can look for rentals that specifically include them, or offer other security amenities.

5. A Safety Ladder

If you are living above the first floor, or you are at a home with more than two stories, it’s a good idea to invest in a safety ladder as well. These are simple roll-up ladders designed to be used out of windows. They’re very important as an escape option in case of fires below you.

6. A Leak Sensor

Leak sensors help detect leaks and send mobile alerts before anyone knows something is wrong. This helps prevent dangerous leaks and flooding that can lead to widespread damage, dangerous mold infections, and other problems. You can set leak sensors up in all kinds of places, including closets where HVAC units or boilers may be, bathrooms, and crawlspaces.

Since the winter weather in Bend regularly drops far below freezing, this brings the possibility of frozen pipes that can burst and start leaking when they thaw. If that ever happens, you will want to know right away so you could shut off the water main and prevent extensive damage!

7. A Portable Heater for Indoor Use

Being stuck without any indoor heat isn’t fun – and can even be dangerous during the winter. Consider buying a portable heater for on-the-spot warmth when needed. Look for versions that are made to be used inside the home. These are generally tip-resistant and designed with plenty of safeguards to prevent fires or other issues. You can even pick up a few handwarmers if you want – they’re a popular accessory when people head to the slopes and you can find them just about anywhere.

8. Fireproof Safe

If the worst happens and a fire burns your new home, it’s important to protect your most valuable documents and possessions. Look into getting a fireproof safe to keep your most important information in, including deeds, titles, your list of passwords, treasured family heirlooms, etc. The safe doesn’t need to be large to hold the essentials!

Check out our relocation services for more tips about living in Bend! From finding pet-friendly rentals in Bend to offering advice and schools and employment, we have your move covered!