It’s the time of year where Central Oregon is starting to warm up and everybody is thinking about their next big plans…and that means spring cleaning! If you’re living in Bend or relocating to Bend in the spring, it’s an excellent period to take of much-needed cleaning and maintenance tips. Our guide will help you get started.

1. Take a Look at Your Trash and Pantry

Do a broad cleanup of these areas, and make sure that all food and trash is tightly sealed and cannot be accessed by pests like bugs or raccoons now that the weather is making everything more active.

2. Scrub the Stovetop and Grill

Clean all the grease and char off these popular cooking locations and get them ready for summer! If you have an outdoor grill, clean it thoroughly and check your connections and propane levels to prepare for the warmer months.

3. Defrost and Clean Out Your Freezers

Freezers can often get overstocked with goods you may not need, or you may have forgotten about – and older freezers can develop problems with growing frost. This is a perfect time to take everything out of the freezer, run a full defrost cycle, and give it a thorough cleaning. This can be a big project, so set aside a whole afternoon for it!

4. Clean Up Your Outdoor Equipment

From coolers and fishing gear to kayaks and paddleboards, now is the time to take out all your outdoor gear that was stored away over winter and give it a thorough check. Clean everything up, check for signs of damage, and give things a polish if necessary. If you are transitioning from winter gear to summer gear, put your winter things back in storage now, too.

5. Take Care of Your AC

If it’s been several years since your last AC maintenance, it’s a good idea to arrange for an inspection and cleaning to check your refrigerant levels and other important factors. Ideally, HVAC filters should be replaced two or three times a year, and spring cleaning is a great time to make the switch to a new filter. Check your old filter to find what version to buy!

6. Switch Up Your Ceiling Fans

Give your ceiling fans a thorough dusting, and make sure they are switched to turn into a counterclockwise direction: This pushes the air down and helps the room feel cooler in the summer.

7. Clean Up Yard Debris

Take a walk around your yard to spot any debris that has piled up over winter, like needles, piles of leaves, broken branches, and more. A couple of important spring-cleaning tasks for your yard include:

  • Pick up those pesky pinecones so that your lawn is ready to mow.
  • Rake leaves and needles away, especially around your outdoor HVAC units, which need plenty of room to breathe.
  • Many homes use outdoor faucet covers and foundation vent plugs over winter – now is the time to remove those and store them away.
  • When it stops freezing at night, it’s a good idea to make plans to turn on your water and create this year’s irrigation schedule.
  • If trees or shrubs are looking overgrown, it’s a good time to prune them back as well.
  • If it’s been a few years since you have aerated your lawn, now is a great time to schedule this job, too.

If you are looking for rentals in Bend, we can help you find properties that are well-maintained so steps like these won’t be an issue there, either.

8. Tackle Your Roof and Gutters

Over winter, your gutters probably filled with gunk and debris, and needles may have piled up on your roof. This can cause serious problems with mildew and moisture damage, so it’s important to clean it all up when the weather turns. You can find long-handled tools to help clean roofs and gutters, but a sturdy ladder is always an important accessory! If it’s a tricky task for you, don’t hesitate to arrange for professional cleaning services (schedule early, because these services get backed up in the spring).

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