When the time comes to relocate, you hope to become part of a community that will make it difficult to leave. Doing your research on the schools, safety and atmosphere of potential neighborhoods can help you choose a place that’s perfect for your family. While we can’t tell you exactly where to live, here are eight things to consider when searching for where to live in Bend.

The cost of living

Some areas of town are more expensive than others, which translates into pricier daycare, gas, shopping, etc. Narrow down your search by excluding areas that fall outside of your price range.

Your ideal neighborhood environment

Would you prefer the serenity of rural living? Or the family-oriented atmosphere of the suburbs? Knowing your ideal living situation can point you towards the right area of town. Visit your potential community at different times of the day – morning, night and weekends – to get an accurate gauge of the noise levels, traffic and nightlife.

Potential schools

If you have children, take a look at the quality of schools surrounding your neighborhood. Check the student-to-teacher class ratios, overall student performance and extracurricular opportunities to find the best fit for your children. Identify your bus or walking route and how it fits into your daily commute.

Neighborhood safety

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Research the safety of your potential neighborhood before making a final decision. Interactive crime maps through the local police department show recent crimes in the area as well as registered sex offenders. How close is your nearest police department, hospital and fire station in case of an emergency?

Nearby shopping and recreation

Living near grocery stores, gas stations, parks, community recreation and shopping gives you convenience and plenty of activities for the family.

Your daily commute

Finding a neighborhood with quick access to main highways and interstates may make your daily commute more manageable. Research the routes you will take from your home to important destinations like work and school – then recheck them during rush hour.


Don’t forget about Fido when scoping out potential communities. Look for dog parks, bigger backyards and open floor plans that will cater to your furry friends. Some pet-friendly rental properties may limit the number of pets and prohibit certain breeds, so check their rules before you sign a lease.

Bend Relocation Services

Don’t worry if you don’t have time to visit the neighborhood in person. Bend Relocation Services does all of the legwork and matches you with the perfect rental in the best neighborhood for you. We’ll provide you with photos and video of the interior and exterior of the rental property, as well as the surrounding neighborhood. We will start from scratch to pair you with the right home, show you the best schools and even help you move in order to make the transition to your new home a smooth one.