The time has come; your big move is here. You’re close to the finish line of the moving process, and your next steps can make the difference between a seamless transition and a rocky. Here’s a quick guide on how to unpack and organize your new space to get you settled into Bend, Oregon, quickly and comfortably.

A Guide to Moving into Your Home

Clean the House

Seize the opportunity to completely clean and disinfect your new home while the space is still empty, focusing specifically on your kitchen cabinets, fridge, bathroom, stove, and washing machine. You’ll literally give yourself a fresh start while ensuring a healthy environment for your family.

Hire Movers

Set yourself up for success by hiring skilled movers. Not only do they speed up the process, but they also take the time to organize your belongings by room (which is half the battle of unpacking).If you’re lucky enough to call Bend, Oregon your new home, Bend Relocation Services provides movers to handle your belongings with care and supervises your moving day.

Start with the Necessities

You know those items you can’t live without? Well, they should definitely come out of your moving containers as soon as possible. Whether it’s toiletries, dishes, or linens, make yourself as comfortable as possible within the first 24 hours of your move.

Make Your Bed

At the end of a long day, you’ll want a good night’s rest in a cozy bed. First on your list when setting up should be your bed and linens. This central piece of furniture transforms your house to home instantly.

Determine the (Un)Pecking Order

Create a plan for unpacking by listing your rooms from most important, like the kitchen and bathroom, to least urgent, like a library or “man cave.”

Here is a sample order for unpacking:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Bathroom
  3. Bedroom
  4. Living Room
  5. Office
  6. Guest Rooms or Playrooms
  7. Attic/Basement

Set Goals for Yourself

It’s not realistic to expect that you’ll unpack within a day or even a week, but you can start. Set small achievable goals to motivate yourself – choosing a time-defined goal, such as one hour of unpacking per day or a more measurable goal like one room a week.

Completely Finish a Box or Room Before Moving to the Next

Fully commit to one box at a time during the process. This level of focus forces you to find a place for every item. Even putting small trinkets off till later can lead to numerous half-full boxes scattered around your home.

Allow Your Kids to Set Up Their Rooms

With all hands on deck, your home will be unpacked in no time. Delegate the set-up of different rooms to all the little helpers in your home. They will not only have a sense of achievement but will feel more at home in a room they decorated themselves.

It’s easy to look up six months after your move and realize there are still unpacked boxes cluttering your space. Settle in sooner by forming a plan and tackling it one box at a time. At Bend Relocation Services, we specialize in all things moving. From setting up your Wi-Fi to helping you decorate your new home, we’ve got you covered when it comes to starting your journey in Bend, Oregon.