It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a move to Bend or just getting to know the city – it’s always good to know the neighborhoods and how they’re laid out. To get around the various neighborhoods of Bend easily, sign up for a Cascade East Transit pass, use one of Bend’s various taxi services (including an environmentally friendly shuttle) or call an Uber. Meanwhile, let’s take a closer look at the major neighborhoods of Bend, and what makes them unique.

Downtown Bend

Featuring renovated brick buildings, cobblestone sidewalks and tree-studded walkways, Downtown Bend hovers between modern and classic. While there are excellent mixed-used buildings and penthouse-like condos in this central area of Bend, most of downtown is focused on shops, restaurants, pubs and clubs. There’s truly something here for everyone – and if there isn’t, check back in a few months, when you’re certain to spot new shops or eateries to try out.

The Old Mill District

One of the premiere locations in Bend, the Old Mill District is made of renovated mill buildings all along the Deschutes River, including decorative smokestacks. If you’re looking for luxury condos, spacious shops, or excellent entertainment and food, you’ll find it all in Old Mill (including Bend’s largest movie theater). The combination of nearby parks, the Les Schwab Amphitheater, and proximity to other areas in Bend make Old Mill an excellent starting place for an adventure – but prices can get a little high here.

NorthWest Crossing

Located on the far west side of Bend, NorthWest Crossing is a self-contained, eco-friendly neighborhood that’s carefully designed with beautiful, small homes that still give each other plenty of space – it even won a 2008 Top 10 Cottage Neighborhood award for the achievement. The neighborhood’s business section offers fun fusion restaurants and unique businesses, and it’s only a brief drive to Old Mill and other Bend locations. NorthWest Crossing is also just a short walk to Summit High School.

Awbrey Butte

Arching above the west side of Bend, Awbrey Butte is home to the most exclusive properties in Bend. Aside from a few golf courses, this area of steep roads and valleys is almost entirely residential, featuring numerous luxury homes and carefully preserved sections of forest. There are also plenty of parks to visit in this area, and the views are some of the best in Bend!


Eastside describes a broad strip of the city facing the eastern desert. It’s an incredibly diverse combination of recent development and older residential sections of Bend, with stores and restaurants to match this variety. This area has seen so much growth in past years that many popular Bend businesses are now quick to mention they have both a central and an “Eastside” location. It’s also home to Bend’s largest employer, St. Charles Medical Center, as well as the popular Cascade Village Shopping Center.

Old Farm District

Old Farm District takes up much of the Southeast portion of Bend. It is, to little surprise, a combination of small, old farms and older housing in more traditional – and affordable – neighborhoods dotted with old juniper trees and tons of character.

3rd Street

While not strictly a neighborhood, 3rd Street strikes through the heart of Bend, dividing west and east neighborhoods, and is filled with some of the most convenient stores in the city – along with most of our fast food stops. If you’re looking for larger supermarkets and convenience stores, you’ll find them here.

Boyd Acres/Century West

This district represents Bend’s northern area facing Redmond, a combination of new outdoor malls and older residential lots with acreage: Some might also extend this area to Empire Avenue, home to a fascinating mixture of government facilities and Bend brewery locations. There’s a lot of growth potential here, but also plenty of activity rooted firmly in the present.

Brookswood/Deschutes River Woods

This spot used to be an unobtrusive little neighborhood tucked away in Bend’s southern forest. However, in recent years this area has bloomed into a beautiful location filled with new homes, attractive business centers, highly rated schools, and praiseworthy city planning. But don’t worry – if you prefer more out-of-the-way, rustic houses, plenty of these still remain! It’s a great spot for new families to check out and is a short drive to 3rd Street or Old Mill.

Bend offers so many diverse neighborhoods to choose from that it’s worth a tour of all of them to get a feel for what best suits your lifestyle, school and work needs. Bend Relocation Services can introduce you to the neighborhoods of Bend and help you find the one that is the best fit for you and your family.