The nicknames keep coming: Some say we’re “Beervana,” some say we’re, “Beerville, USA,” and some say we’re literally the best beer city in the country. But we’re not fussy with titles – ask a local, and we’ll just tell you we call it “Bend.”

From national favorites like Deschutes Brewery and 10 Barrel, regularly seen in beer competitions around the world, to small efforts like Immersion Brewing and their Brew-It-Yourself experience, there’s something for every beer fan to appreciate here, just another reason why moving to Bend is a great idea.

Can’t make up your mind? Just stop by one of the many growler filling stations located around town in sports shops or grocery stores, where you can take in your own growler and pick one of your favorite local beers on tap to fill up while attending to other chores. Grabbing a fill for your favorite craft brew has never been easier!

One of the Greatest Beer Scenes in the World

So, just how many breweries does Bend have? Well, it’s hard to pin an exact number when new options keep on arriving, but it’s somewhere in the high 20s to low 30s. Even at the low end, that gives Bend the highest brewery-per-capita ratio in the country and beyond, which means the most breweries available per person (although arriving early for a pub crawl never hurts).

And while the largest breweries in Bend may be pushing for national distribution or looking for buyouts from international buyers, the heart of Bend has always been focused on what the smaller, inspired startups can do. Around here, there’s always a new brewery to try out, because they never stop coming here to grow.

Pair it Up: More Than Just Beer

What are you going to do while drinking that beer? Get outdoors! Yes, Bend has more than 300 days of sunshine per year, famous skiing and snowboarding, and a ton of options for mountain biking and hiking, as well as a variety of beer runs like the Bend Beer Chase. We’re also really good with dogs – and even they get their own kind of brewer’s treat, Dawg Grog, made from brewer’s wort, mineral supplements and Oregon mountain water.

But let’s say, for some reason, you aren’t really a beer person. That’s okay! The city’s acceptance of beer-friendly startups has led Bend to become one of the top places for entrepreneurship, too. That means we have amazing ciders thanks to Avid Cider company and great local kombuchas.

Oh, and if you’re more of a foodie, do yourself a favor and check out the many food cart lots and beer gardens around Bend, where talented chefs are pushing food fusions just as far as breweries push beer flavors.

The Bend Ale Trail: One of the Best Ways to Sample What Bend Has to Offer

While a few days isn’t really enough to experience all the beer Bend has to offer, the Bend Ale Trail makes a courageous attempt: Available via app or printout, the Ale Trail provides you with a list of some of the top breweries and pubs around Bend – currently, there’s 18 on the list.

These tasty destinations span from incredible southern fusion pubs to the most popular growler fill-up stops in town. Get stamped for visiting 10 of the locations, and you can stop by the Bend Visitor Center to redeem your Ale Trail for a cool price.