Start your day well by enjoying a full farm-to-table breakfast, a delicious brunch, or a quick yet delectable bagel before exploring Bend in Central Oregon.

Below we will highlight the best breakfast spots in Bend. These restaurants and cafes are a perfect place to enjoy your mornings. With the delicious breakfast menus, you will not want to miss any of these places.

Whether you are searching for an unfamiliar eatery to try or are only passing through town for a long weekend, make sure to visit these spots.

Top Breakfast Spots in Bend

If you ask, most people love breakfast. Perhaps it is the wide variety of breakfast items, which include both savory and sweet options. Whatever the motivation, breakfast is still a fantastic meal. And Bend, Oregon, has a lot of excellent breakfast restaurants.

There is something for every palate, such as the Ocean Roll of Sparrow Bakery or delicious biscuits at Bad Wolf Bakery & Bistro. Here are some spots you must visit for a delicious breakfast.

The Victorian Café

A view of the front of The Victorian Cafe in Bend, OR from the street.

The Victorian Café, a breakfast destination since 1983, has gone by multiple names, but has emerged as a classic, inviting cafe with cutting-edge flavor. The cafe offers various alternatives, including award-winning delicacies such as nine distinct varieties of eggs benedict and caramel apple French toast.

The Victorian Café offers a unique dining experience. They provide a lovely outdoor lounge with couches and a fireplace, so you will not mind even if you are waiting. The outdoor bar is open while you wait so that you can relax there. They have several fantastic egg and meat dishes, but vegetarians should try their specialty, Huevos Rancheros.

McKay Cottage

Close up view of french toast on a table at McKay Cottage in Bend, Oregon.

McKay Cottage, a hidden gem on Bend’s north side just past Awbrey Butte, features a bed-and-breakfast atmosphere. The structure, built in 1916,  was close to Drake Park before moving to its current location off O.B. Riley Road in 1973.

The fresh ingredients and mouthwatering specialties at McKay have earned them locals’ votes each year since they opened for business as one of the best breakfast spots in Central Oregon. If you want to eat only comfort food, cottage potatoes come with bacon, eggs, ham, green onions, tomatoes, and lots of cheddar cheese.

The location has extensive indoor and outdoor seating for those who prefer to eat breakfast outside. McKay Cottage is open daily and offers a comprehensive breakfast menu, including French toast plates and informal bakery products. The restaurant also offers vegetarian dishes, including the Cottage Granola and Farmer’s Veggie Omelet, which are homemade.

The Lemon Tree

A close up view of brunch cocktails and food on a table at The Lemon Tree in Bend, Oregon.

The Lemon Tree offers delicious flavors worldwide for a distinctive eating experience that will have you yearning for a getaway. Enjoy cuisine from the most exotic locations, such as Italy, Tunisia, Indonesia, and Greece.

The Lemon Tree in downtown Bend features a charming, peaceful ambiance and a traditional menu with sophisticated twists. On a misty morning, sit outside and take in Drake Park while sipping one of the many excellent Metolius Teas or eating feta and spinach omelets. You may find fresh bread, gourmet cakes, and other treats inside the restaurant at the Lemon Tree Market.

The cafe serves more than simply breakfast—it also serves delicious sweets. Make sure to sample the Cardamom Crème Brûlée, a specialty of the Pacific Northwest. They have a complete bar with a wine list and distinctive drinks, including one with the restaurant’s name and created with prosecco, house-made lemonade, Tito’s vodka, and muddled raspberries.

Sparrow Bakery

Close up view of rows of almond croissants at the Sparrow Bakery in Bend, Oregon.

For those with a sweet tooth, Sparrow Bakery in Bend, Oregon, is the ideal location. Launched in 2006, the bakery made its first debut on Scott Street. They put hard work into giving their customers fantastic food, excellent customer service, and a friendly and cozy setting, making it an ideal place to be on a Sunday morning brunch.

The company expanded from its first site on Scott Street and later added a store in Bend’s Northwest Crossing. This restaurant offers a variety of food and extra space, including pet-friendly outdoor tables.

It offers a wide range of breakfast menu like the popular tuna melt and sprout sandwich sizzling in mustard-mayo sauce or the bacon breakfast croissant that also contains poached eggs, avocados, and arugula aioli. The bakery specializes in baked goods, including coconut macaroons and French pastries.

Jackson’s Corner

Exterior view of Jackson's Corner restaurant in Bend, Oregon.

Jackson’s Corner can satisfy people who desire complete transparency with their food. You can be sure you eat the best food possible because their menu includes organic and locally sourced ingredients.

You can check out and learn more about the farms they buy from and they are very open about the products used and sourced. Their menu offers dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and Paleo alternatives, in addition to the locally sourced, fresh ingredients. Thanks to their dairy-free and gluten-free food, you can enjoy a delicious meal even with dietary limitations and allergies.

With two branches, one on Cushing Drive on the Eastside and the new one on Delaware Avenue on the Westside, you can have delectable food at each corner of Bend. Both places offer a welcoming and pleasant environment.

Rockin’ Dave’s Bistro

A plate of breakfast food and a bloody mary at Rockin' Dave's restaurant in Bend, Oregon.

The breakfast sandwiches at Rockin’ Dave’s Bistro are available for dining in or taking out and are cooked with homemade bagels and cream cheeses. Additionally, the restaurant offers an extensive breakfast menu that includes gravy and biscuits and the choice to create your burrito.

Award-winning boiled bagels, specialty sandwiches, baked goods, espresso, home-style soups, beer, liquor, wine, and catering are all available, all made on-site by skilled chefs. They prepare food in a bright and trendy setting and ensure everything is fresh and delicious.

But Rockin’ Daves, open from Wednesday through Sunday, is also perfect for a nice supper before climbing a mountain or wading through a river. Rockin’ Dave’s Bistro & Backstage Lounge is the ideal location for you if you enjoy delectable food, excellent music, a full bar, and a welcoming ambiance for more than just breakfast.

Nancy P’s Café & Bakery

Rows of colorfully decorated cupcakes at Nancy P's Bakery in Bend, Oregon.

Nancy P’s, located near Newport Avenue and Newport Market, serves up delectable sweets while you relax with hot coffee. With its indoor and outdoor setting, the cafe is popular among people from all walks of life.

You should visit Nancy P’s Bakery to get traditional American delicacies (especially pies), muffins, scones, quiches, frittatas, brownies, cookies, and bars. The Apple Pecan drizzled with maple syrup is the epitome of superb taste and creativity.

The indoor seating section of the restaurant has roomy, comfortable seats where patrons can view the works of local artisans, including the stunning stained-glass mosaics. The outdoor patio is dog-friendly and you can enjoy a spectacular view of the town.

They also provide a “choose two” option if you are struggling to select the right kind of food for your appetite. Additionally, there are many possibilities for feeding children and pets when visiting the location.

Cafe Sintra

An interior view of the dining area at Sintra Cafe in Sunriver, Oregon.

This restaurant, aptly named after the famous Portuguese town honors the local culture via its cuisine and setting. It is the ideal location for social events or just popping in for coffee or juice.

It offers a wide range of savory breakfast such as European-style bread and Sintra potatoes. Additionally, farm fresh produce and a unique twist that substitutes chipotle sauce for hollandaise make the Sintra Benedict a highly recommended dish.

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