In Central Oregon, Bend is a lively city with numerous outdoor activities and a bustling dining scene. You can find various restaurants and family-friendly pubs offering different cuisines that satisfy your taste buds. From fine dining to a casual coffee session, there is something for everyone.

Bend, Oregon, has some of the best restaurants that feature home-cooked dinner fare, creative fusion cuisines, and even internationally inspired dishes. So whether you want to indulge in a hearty meal or simply grab a breakfast sandwich for the road, here’s our food guide that will satisfy your tastebuds and help you discover new hidden gems.

Top Restaurants in the Bend Area

Ariana Restaurant

Housed inside a beautiful Craftsman bungalow, Ariana Restaurant is a lovely place to enjoy a European-style meal with a modern twist. The eatery sources premium ingredients from local suppliers, and the culinary team perfects delicious dishes with the freshest in-season food items. This means that the menu is ever-changing, and you can try out different delicacies every time you visit. Diners can find a wide range of entrees like bacon-simmered clams, wild cod, fingerling potatoes, roasted potatoes, filet mignon topped with garlic aioli, and wild Oregon mushroom jus. Ariana Restaurant is a place worth trying if you are planning to host a fancy dinner or would like to indulge in a European experience.

Zydeco Kitchen and Cocktails

Located on Bond Street in downtown Bend, Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails is the ideal place to visit for dinner. The neighborhood is friendly, and the restaurant features modern, a tasting menu consisting of locally and innovative sourced fare, and an inviting ambiance. The focus lies on Northwestern cuisine with a southern twist, and the ingredients are sourced from regional farmers and producers, making them organic, pesticide-free, and hormone-free.

The Acadian Flatbread, Blackened Redfish, and Artichoke and Corn Fritters are some of the most popular dishes that Zydeco has to offer. For dessert, we recommend you try their Flourless Chocolate Cake. The restaurant also has a gluten-free menu, decadent desserts, and an extensive wine list containing Pacific Northwest and international varieties.

900 Wall

Established in 2009, 900 Wall is situated in the center of downtown Bend. The food is ideally described as contemporary American with strong French and Italian influences. The menus are seasonally inspired, and the ingredients are responsibly sourced from local and regional suppliers. Head chef Cliff Eslinger and his team take great pride in using only organic, fresh ingredients and responsibly sourced materials to curate their dishes. Nestled inside a 1920s building with rustic charm, the restaurant offers a one-of-a-kind experience. It offers diverse menu items with something for everyone, including vegetarians, children, and gluten-free diners. You can find plenty of delectable options on the seasonal menu, such as beets, risotto, and flatiron steak. There are plenty of options for wine lovers thanks to the restaurant’s award-winning wine list, with numerous wines from Central Oregon, along with other delicious beers and cocktails.


Owned by Chef Steven Draheim and nestled in the heart of downtown Bend, Barrio is an ideal place for a scrumptious dinner with the family. The restaurant features South American, Spanish, and Mexican-style dishes, mezze, and grilled items inspired by their Israeli food truck. It is housed in a lively Latin environment, perfect for a fun night with friends or a casual lunch. The menu packs plenty of tasty options, such as fried red potatoes with cotija cheese and sofrito sauce, Cuban sliders with Spanish jambon, and four different types of paella. These include meat, vegetable, seafood and meat, and seafood and veggie.

The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith is an old smithy that was later converted into a modern steakhouse with leather booths, brick walls, and a trendy bar. Located in the historic 1923 Pierson Blacksmith Shop in the hub of downtown Bend, this restaurant will be an experience unlike any other. Besides its famous seafood and prime steak options, the Blacksmith Restaurant also serves homemade pasta dishes and tasty desserts.

This option is great if you are in the mood for fine dining and craving a juicy dish. The menu is a seafood and meat lover’s dream, with mouthwatering options including the wild halibut with chorizo-saffron risotto topped with roasted peppers and red onions, mac and cheese flights, crab corn dogs, and shrimp and grits. You can also choose from filling desserts, like bread pudding with salted caramel-maple sauce, and crispy bacon, with vanilla ice cream.


Chow is another famous restaurant option that Bend, Oregon, has to offer. It is a perfect place for breakfast and brunch and is perched in a beautiful neighborhood with an on-site garden. You can browse through various sweet and savory dishes to suit your cravings. David Touvell, the executive chef at Chow, whips up delicious options, like the ‘hippy dippy’ sandwich that contains homemade cheese and bread, pickled veggies, and olive tapenade. The restaurant will create vegan, gluten-free, and raw dishes to suit your preferences if requested.


If you are looking for one of the best restaurants in Bend, you will be more than happy to dine at Spork. From the friendly service to the vibrant dining area filled with artwork and lanterns hanging above you to the comprehensive menu, Spork truly is the essence of Bend. The restaurant transformed from a 1960’s Airstream food cart era into a flamboyant eatery, all due to the dedication of the chef-owner, Jeff Hunt. Jeff closely works with local farmers and ensures that all ingredients used in the restaurant are fresh and locally sourced. The menu offers a range of delicious dishes inspired by international flavors, such as Asian fusion and Latin America. Some of the most loved dishes of this restaurant include tacos with pork carnitas, fried organic tofu or fried catfish, and their spicy fried chicken drizzled with sweet-spicy sambal chili sauce. You can pair your food with their selection of original and classic cocktails, such as plum foolery with rye, plum wine, and Aperol. The dining experience is exquisite yet light on the wallet, making it an ideal spot to visit for family gatherings, date nights, and even special occasions.

The Sparrow Bakery

Founded in 2006, The Sparrow Bakery offers a warm and appealing environment that specializes in various home-baked items, such as ocean rolls, Parisian macarons, and pastries. You can also enjoy different breakfast and lunch options, including the bacon breakfast that contains smoked bacon, a poached egg, arugula, and avocado aioli on a croissant. You can choose from two locations of the Sparrow Bakery, one that features a more airy environment or the second which is more homey and intimate.

Greg’s Grill

Greg’s Grill is a woodsy-chic restaurant overseeing the Deschutes River and located in the center of the Old Mill District. Its specialty lies in fresh seafood and wood-fired meats. When you enter the restaurant, you will be met with high ceilings and big floor-to-ceiling windows that offer breathtaking views of the Cascade Mountains and the beautiful river. If you are looking for a romantic getaway, Greg’s Grill is the place to go. Besides Sundays, the restaurant serves contemporary Northwest cuisine, such as grass-fed chicken, fresh seafood, steak, and juicy ribs perfectly grilled in a mesquite-fired oven.

McKay Cottage Restaurant

The McKay Cottage Restaurant sits in a 1916 converted Craftsman bungalow and promises a creative yet comfortable environment. It is open every day and also features bakery items on the menu, such as scones, muffins, pecan buns, and cinnamon rolls. Its relaxing atmosphere allows diners to enjoy delicious breakfast items with vegetarian ingredients, like McKay Cottage potatoes. A popular lunch item on the menu is their zesty crab melt, paired with a red crab salad and topped with white cheddar cheese on thick Parmesan bread. There are also different signature cocktails and wine options to choose from.

Bos Taurus

Bos Taurus is the ideal place to go if you are a prime cuts and steaks fan. You can find different steak meats from different parts of the world, including Japan’s famous A5 wagyu beef. The world-class restaurant in downtown Bend has a classy interior and an industrial vibe combined with an open kitchen. Besides meat dishes, you can also find non-beef options such as salads, pasta, seafood, and sides.

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