If you’re relocating to Bend with family, you’ve certainly already thought about school options and how to prepare for a new school year. A relocation company in Central Oregon like Bend Relocation Services can help you compare the schools in Bend and their associated districts – but when the first new school day approaches, both parents and kids need to be ready. Let’s look at some of the things parents need to keep in mind for this school year!

1. Stock Up on Masks

Oregon is requiring public school students to wear masks in the classroom this fall due to the rising numbers of variant COVID-19 cases and the lack – so far – of a vaccine for those under 12 years of age. So make sure your kids are used to wearing their masks and have them ready alongside all the basic school supplies. In our experience, it’s also a good idea for parents to have several supplemental masks at hand in case something unfortunate happens to the first. Examine specific rules for athletes as needed (masks will not be required outdoors, for example), and if your child is 12 or older, make sure they are vaccinated and have proof of vaccination, especially if they are planning on participating in any sports. More in-depth checklists are available online.

2. Master the Starting Schedule

The 2021 fall school schedule in Bend varies based on age group. For K-3 students, all will be attending in person, every day. Currently, other grades will be using hybrid schedules with a mixture of in-person and remote learning, dividing students alphabetically. Teachers and staff should be able to help provide individual schedules for more information. This approach is subject to change in the future based on vaccination rates and other factors.

Parents will also want to check individual school start times, especially for elementary schools, as these may vary based on this year’s bus routes, which have also been affected by new COVID-19 regulations.

3. Have Meal Plans in Place

Schools in Central Oregon provide free breakfast and lunch to all students, and you can check out the daily menu at any time. Create a meal plan for your kids based on their diet goals, nutritional needs, and their daily schedules.

4. Register for Transportation as Needed

Remember, to ride the bus students must be registered with the Bend-La Pine School system. Contact your school if you aren’t sure – you can use this webpage to sign up online and learn more about the school bus system. The My Bus Stop app available through this site can also help track school buses in real time, making it much easier to predict schedules. However, it’s also important to look up bus routes and general schedules to understand drop-off and pickup locations ahead of the school year. Bus routes are a little more complicated this year because social distancing requirements, so it’s a good idea to double-check!

If you live close to your school, you can also check out these safe options for walking or biking to school for your kids.

Remember, we are happy to help your family find the right school or take care of moving details so you can focus on what matters. Our corporate relocation company also offers moving services for teams and businesses interested in the area.