There is no question that Bend is one of the most desirable places to call home in the nation. Unfortunately, no matter the budget, season, or how many nights you spend scrolling through real estate/rental sites, the process of finding your home in this amazing city can be daunting for most. With a less than 1% rental vacancy rate in the city, rental agencies certainly aren’t pulling out all of the stops to find renters because – well, they don’t have to. There is so much more to your move than just finding a house. The team at Bend Relocation Services will ensure that you not only find your home but that you feel at home too.

To date, we have helped 103 clients get settled here in the High Desert and can’t wait for you to be one of our many success stories. Here are the stories of three new Bendites and their journeys with Bend Relocation Services.


While Bend is no stranger to California transplants, proximity doesn’t necessarily guarantee an easier transition for our southern neighbors. Cliff and his family hail from Santa Barbara County and with remote work and homeschool providing a flexible household, they were looking to settle someplace with close proximity to mountains, recreation opportunities, and a kind community – something they were able to later find quickly not just in the city itself, but also in their new church.

After a couple months of perusing listing sites daily, Cliff and his wife stumbled upon Bend Relocation Services. After learning that there was someone out there who could take the burden of rental listing searches and countless housing applications and fees off of their plate, it was an easy decision to entrust Melissa with finding the perfect rental for this family, their two dogs, and chicken.

“Something that anyone trying to move here will find out or already knows is that you really do need help and insider info to make things happen. Melissa helped us find a house that checked all of the boxes and we know that even after moving in, she is here for us to help in any way.” -Cliff


Likely a familiar story – Leila and her family had visited friends and vacationed in Central Oregon for years before realizing that it might just be the perfect fit for a permanent home. When a job opportunity presented a chance to take the plunge and move from the Boulder, Colorado area (a location with a consistent influx of new residents and a housing market similar to Bend), Leila and her husband began the quest to find housing and suss out whether the move was feasible.

After quite a few unsuccessful rental applications and realizing that most landlords and property management companies did not rent properties sight-unseen, Leila took to Facebook groups for folks looking to relocate to Bend and surrounding areas with hopes to find some answers or leads. While communicating with hundreds of other Bend hopefuls wasn’t doing the trick, Leila did see a recommendation on the group’s page about Bend Relocation Services and couldn’t have reached out to Melissa any faster. After a brief conversation, Leila felt the weight of finding a house in an area that would suit her needs, her husband’s needs, and the needs of their two children, lifted. Now able to focus on selling their previous home, Leila let Bend Relocation Services take the wheel and after the third rental option that Melissa sent their way, everything aligned to allow the family to head to Bend.

“Hiring Bend Relocation Services really put my mind at ease and allowed me to focus on my family and selling our house during the transition.” -Leila


After decades in Seattle, Jill and her two children were looking for a fresh start in a new city with good schools, adventure, and a thriving community. After frequently visiting Bend, Jill decided this was the perfect place to settle.

Almost ready to give up on the move after countless housing quests online, Jill found Bend Relocation Services mentioned on a “Moving to Bend” Facebook page. After chatting with Melissa, Jill felt at ease having someone serve as an advocate on behalf of her family. After a few virtual tours, Melissa was able to find the perfect fit for the budget and size needs for the family. Jill attributes this to Melissa’s process of truly getting to know her clients on an individual and family level.  

From arranging school tours to FaceTime house walkthroughs, Bend Relocation Services was there for Jill and her family every step of the way. Fast forward to present day – Jill and her children are enjoying every second of Bend’s endless adventure and the emulation of community and support that Bendites enjoy and provide.

“The support from Melissa didn’t end after the contract ended or when the house was found – it truly feels like I have a friend looking out for us.” -Jill

Bend Relocation Services

Whether you are a single young professional looking for a cozy apartment in one of Bend’s up-and-coming neighborhoods or a family of six looking for a house in a school district that serves all of your children’s needs, Bend Relocation Services has the insider information and experience to provide you with a smooth transition to your dream city – tailored to all of your wants and needs.

Reach out to see how we can make your transition to Bend that much easier. Pretty soon, you can be a success story too.