Relocating for work is always a major decision, and one that can cause some stress for people thinking about their lives. Stress is not especially helpful when making life decisions like this, so we want to make it a little easier with a quick guide on how to decide if relocating to Bend for a job is right for you!

1. Think About the Future

This may seem like an obvious point, but people move for jobs at many points in their lives. If you are finding jobs in Bend as a young professional, you may be primarily interested in your own experience, finding the right compensation levels, and working in an industry you like.

If you have a family, then you should also consider what the move means for them. What are the schools like? What opportunities will your partner have? These questions can lead to important discussions that are necessary before you relocate. Think about your future several years from now. Would moving for a specific job give your future the upgrade you want, no matter where you end up several years from now?

2. Think About Life Outside of Work

Yes, it does exist! And your life outside of work is vital consideration when planning a move. We’ve talked a lot before about how Bend has excellent recreation options, restaurants to explore, beer to try, and tons of places to pay with your pets. But you won’t know if the Bend lifestyle is for you until you really look (and possibly find an Airbnb or other rental for a few weekends to help make up your mind).

3. Look at Local Home and Rental Options

It’s important to have a place to call home – that’s also within your price range, and in an area you like. In Bend’s competitive, market, it’s never too early to looking for rental properties. If you plan on moving with a furry friend, make sure you are looking for pet-friendly rentals in Bend, too. Don’t worry: Bend Relocation Services can help you with these important details, work with you to locate a living situation that works for you, and answer questions you may have about the market.

4. Don’t Forget About How You Get to Work, Too

Relocating to Bend (or anywhere else) for a job also means thinking about how you’ll get to that job. What sort of commute do you want? Are you comfortable with a drive, or is biking to work part of your dream job?

Or maybe a work from home situation would be best for you! Employers in Central Oregon are often happy to arrange for remote work, especially for employees that are still getting settled in. Bend is one of the friendliest remote work cities around, and you’ll have plenty of company!

5. Finally, What Does a Move Mean for Your Identity?

Don’t underestimate the impact a move can have on your identity! Even if you are just moving for work, you will have a new home. You will be from that place. Is the location a place that you don’t mind being from? What will it say about your identity to live and work there?

If you have any more questions about making the move for a job, our relocation company in Central Oregon will be happy to help.