The City of Bend was incorporated in 1904, and when strolling the streets in historic downtown along the Deschutes River and Mirror Pond, the same 100-year-old buildings and cobblestone streets stand as a representation of its history. Though the City of Bend has several districts dedicated to shopping and dining such as the Old Mill District and up north on Highway 97, there is no dispute that downtown Bend is considered the heart of the city. With an approximate nine-block radius with Wall Street and Bond Street running north to south and Franklin Ave and Oregon Ave running east to west (see map), downtown Bend Oregon is a concentration of stores, restaurants, art galleries, banks, and coffee shops. If you’re looking for big-box stores or franchises though, you won’t find them downtown, other than a few. Downtown Bend has kept its quaint, “college-town” charm because of the abundance of locally-owned stores and restaurants. Despite the undeniable growth in Bend, the city has made it a priority to keep the downtown area local to support small business owners and promote economic vitality. It’s definitely one of many reasons why Bend is so special.

However, it’s not just the abundance of local retail and dining that makes downtown the heart of the city. Downtown is also home to some pretty fantastic events, all within walking distance, many of which have become a decades-long tradition. No matter the time of year, there is always something to do in downtown Bend and listed below are some of my favorites.

Events in Downtown Bend Oregon





Whether you’re planning a visit, planning a move, or currently live in Bend, come spend some time wandering around downtown and participate in the festivities throughout the year. Stop in for a happy hour or eat cuisine ranging from American to Mexican to Middle Eastern. Come support our local businesses and see why downtown Bend is truly the heart of the city. And if you decide to stay a while, reach out to Bend Relocation Services. We can get you set up with a rental and more so you can enjoy downtown Bend Oregon all the time!