Did you know that Bend has been awarded the national DogTown USA title in the past and frequently shows up on the lists of best cities for your pets? There are few places better for our furry friends – here’s what dog lovers (and other pet fans) should know about the pet features Bend has to offer.

Dog Parks

One of the reasons that Bend is recognized as such a pet-friendly town is that you’re never far away from a dog park. There are 13 off-leash parks throughout Bend, each with their own attractive features. Some are located by the Deschutes River if your dog likes to go for a swim. Some have dog-focused fountains and other play areas to make their time more enjoyable. Many of the parks also include separate enclosures for smaller dogs so that accidents don’t happen.

Recreational Fun with Your Dog

Do you prefer to get out into the wild with your dog? Then Bend is absolutely made for you! There are about 1,200 miles of trail near Bend in the Deschutes National Forest, and 95% of those trails are off leash throughout the summer. If you want to get closer to the water, then kayak or paddle board and take your dog along for the ride – you’ll meet plenty of other people doing the same thing. If you’re into winter sports, then rest assured that Mt. Bachelor has a pet-friendly chairlift with full body harnesses for dogs. There are also sledding hills at Wanoga Sno-Park specifically planned for dogs and unique sports options like skijoring, which has an avid following in Bend.

Eating Out with Your Dog

In Bend, you can take your dog out to eat when you’re feeling hungry. There are more than 50 pet-friendly restaurants and breweries around the city, including many of the popular pubs and gathering places. Many establishments go out of their way to make sure your pooch is comfortable with complimentary water bowls, dog biscuits and more. If you want to give your loyal pet some tasty treats of their own, there are plenty of great places to check out, including Ruff Wear, Mud Bay, the Polka-Doodle Dog Bakery and yes, even beer for dogs (no alcohol included).

Dog Services

If you’re worried about being too busy for your pet, Bend can help with that, too! There are a number of Bend-based business for walking your dog or pet sitting while you’re traveling. Since Bend has already attracted a lot of pet lovers, you won’t have any problem finding a professional who knows what they’re doing and is happy to care for your pet, including the many veterinarian services around town. If you’re moving to Bend with your furry family members, then Bend Relocation Services can help you find a pet-friendly rental.

Adopting a Dog in Bend

If you don’t yet have a pet but like the idea of sharing Bend with a doggy friend, consider adopting a four-legged companion! The Humane Society of Central Oregon is one of the best pet adoption portals around and has all of the information you need to make the right pet choice for you, along with incredibly friendly staff to answer your questions.