If you’re relocating to Bend and are interested in finding LGBTQ resources, you may not be sure where to start looking. These resources are a great place to start and can help you become more connected to the LGBTQ community in Central, along with available support and events!

Out Central Oregon

Out Central Oregon is a general hub that’s excellent for collecting resources of all kinds. They have pages for health services, partnering with local businesses, and a good collection of upcoming events and gatherings around the area – along with information on what has sold out and what’s still available. It’s one of the best starting places for LGBTQ information in the area.

Oregon Safe Schools & Communities Coalition

This community organization works to help keep students in Oregon safe, particularly when it comes to LGBTQ-related harassment or violence. They offer resources and events, publish a newsletter, and work to collect important data to help prevent harassment.

If you do have children that will be attending schools in Bend, we also suggest that you contact the school directly and ask if they have any LGBTQ resources, clubs, or events. Many schools will be able to provide students with a helpful list so they don’t miss anything, as well as local options for counselling and other types of support.


PFLAG is an advocacy organization formed to help families across the nation support their LGBTQ loved ones and offer a variety of resources in that goal. The Central Oregon chapter of PFLAG is located in Redmond and would be happy to welcome LGBTQ members, related family members, and allies trying to make the world a better place, or simply understand their loved ones on a deeper level.

Basic Rights Oregon

This state organization works on several different levels to encourage equality, LGBTQ-friendly legislation, and support for LGBTQ people throughout the state. It’s a good place to start if you are interested in getting involved in more political efforts, as well as a handy hub for collecting updates and information about LGBTQ rights and events throughout Oregon.

Mark Pride Month on Your Calendar

Pride month in Central Oregon is in June: While the Pride Festival itself has been delayed these past couple of years due to COVID-19, there are several events scheduled throughout the month to help highlight important LGBTQ progress and allow for smaller meeting groups with a wide variety of activities. When June starts getting closer, be sure to check Out Central Oregon and similar sites for more news.

There is also a Winter Pridefest with a greater focus on winter sports and a smaller roster of activities if you prefer to find snow-friendly pride activities and friends. On that note, there’s also an LGBTQ+ Climb Night every month at the Bend Rock Gym if you love climbing with friends but can’t get your fix when the winter weather starts to hit.

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