Thanks to hard-working entrepreneurs, brilliant chefs, and a constant flow of ideas (and ingredients) from other cities in the Northwest, Bend has a strong food culture that’s packed with amazing restaurants for everyone – and we’ve discussed some of them before. But right now, we’re talking about a particularly popular food destination in Bend: The ubiquitous food truck lots packed with a variety of different trucks, each specializing unique meals you can’t find anywhere else.

Food trucks are an excellent choice whether you want to try something eclectic or are with a group and want something for people with broadly different tastebuds. From pizza to vegan bowls to sushi, you’re sure to find something! The lots themselves are friendly, don’t require much waiting, and always include a taphouse with the latest local brews, ciders, and other drinks. In no particular order, let’s take a look at where you can find some of the best food trucks and why these lots need to be on your list.

Midtown Yacht Club

Midtown Yacht Club

While it’s only a couple of years old, MYC has quickly become one of the most popular food truck lots in Bend, with a central location just off 3rd street (midtown, yes, but don’t expect any yachts) that includes plenty of indoor and outdoor seating as well as seven food carts. It’s hard to imagine how a truck like Northfresh can produce such high-quality sushi, but it’s a must-have in Bend. Vegan food fans, on the other hand, should try the remarkable mac-and-cheese vegan comfort food at Lively Up Yourself. Shim Shon offers great casual Israeli street food, while Tots is known for creative dishes all based on delicious, handmade tot rounds.

On Tap Bend

On Tap

This luxurious food truck lot on the Eastside has unforgettable food options that will have you coming back for more just to make sure you’ve tried everything. Standouts include The Bleu Rooster for remarkable gyros and po boys, as well as Himalayan Bites for an assortment of Himalayan-inspired dishes – if you aren’t sure what to try, the Sha-momo (Chef’s choice) is always a reliable pick! Meanwhile Curbbq has some of the best pulled pork in Bend, Barrio offers plenty of Mexican fusion food, and Phillystyle is one of the few places in Bend where you can pick up an authentic Philly cheese steak. Those craving Sicilian-style pizza will want to head to Rush’s Squares as well. Add in the gorgeous seating and taproom, and it’s easy to see how On Tap has been voted the best food truck lot in past Bend polls.

The Podski

The Podski

The Podski Beer Cart lot, just behind The Box Factory in Old Mill District, is a food truck getaway that’s easy to recommend for all palettes with plenty of outdoor seating. Thailandia is famed for its generous, tasty portions of Thai food, and while it’s hard to say who has the best fried chicken sandwiches in Deschutes County, The Tin Pig just may have the lead. Those looking for lighter options should definitely try out the fantastic vegan crunchwraps at Toasty, while BBQ fans will want to mix and match the sauces and meats over at Bigfoot Barbeque. If you arrive in the evening, you should head into the taproom to check out the latest incredible specials from Juno sushi.

The Lot Bend

The Lot

Those visiting in winter quickly fall in love with The Lot’s heated seating and sheltered tables, but it’s the food trucks that you’ll stay for: Fricken Faco specializes in fried chicken and fish dishes (the fried fish taco is an easy recommendation), while A La Carte is known for its affordable fries, salads, and bowls. Or maybe you’d like to try the jalapeno-laced Boss Burger at Bend Burgerz N Dogs – while others may want to pick up a spicy tuna roll and shrimp shumai dumplings over at Maki Maki.

Bevel BreweryThe Patio at 9th Street Village (a.k.a., Bevel Brewing)

It’s technically The Patio, but locals will just call it Bevel Brewing due to the brewery’s on-the-spot location. In addition to the delicious craft beers Bevel produces, there are plenty of choices for eats: Aina has some of the best poke you’ll find in Oregon, along with awesome Kauai-style pork and chicken dishes. Nosh produces excellent, taste-filled sandwiches with local ingredients, and Tacos El Nava has authentic Mexican street tacos your taste buds will love. Tots also has a satellite cart here for those who need their potato fix – the truffle tots are a perfect midday snack!

Silver Moon Brewery Bend

The Office at Silver Moon

Silver Moon’s Greenwood Avenue location close to downtown Bend is a perfect spot to stop by after touring the shops or walking Drake Park. In addition to the breweries rich and tasty brews, you’ll find four unforgettable food trucks to try. Southern Accent serves up some authentic southern food (alligator included), while The Bob offers great Greek-inspired wraps and plates. Whappos Caribbean sandwiches and bowls are the perfect solution for hunger pangs, while Queso in Your Face-O is there for all your taco needs.

Spoken Moto Bend

Spoken Moto

Spoke Moto’s café-meets-bar-meets-motorcycle repair shop (plus frequent live music) is worth a visit all on its own, but the food trucks outside will have you spending all afternoon there. A Broken Angel is a remarkable vegan breakfast burrito stop, while Northwest Wing Shop will fill your craving for traditional spicy wings. Da Nang’s healthy Vietnamese dishes make for a perfect lunch on a sunny afternoon, and if you’re feeling like burgers you may want to check out the Wagyu burger truck, too! Spoken Moto also currently has options for flavor-packed sliders and authentic Japanese noodle dishes on the weekends.

Crosscut Bend

Crosscut Warming Hut

Located beside Old Mill’s shopping district, Crosscut Warming Hut is an easy walk after floating the river, seeing an early concert, or finishing some casual shopping. The cozy tap house is complemented by a food cart pod with three options. Abe Capanna’s is a favorite destination for some of the best Detroit-style pizza you can find in the Northwest, while Gyro Power offers tasty gyro menu items and Bluma’s provides tasty fried chicken (and a delicious Monte Cristo weekend special). You may also want to hop across the street and check out the Luckey’s Woodsman truck over at the Brown Owl for more savory outdoor dining.

River's Place Bend

River’s Place

This Eastside food truck lot with its friendly atmosphere has a little something for everyone. SOPA’s Mexican dishes are well worth trying, while Bai Tong On Wheels specializes in incredible Thai street food (their two-entrée special is a great choice if you can’t make up your mind). Nik’s Snacks is the perfect spot to grab a side dish, while Ninja Sushi has a wide range of refreshing sushi options.

The Bite Bend

The Bite at Tumalo

While it’s a bit of a drive from Bend, Tumalo is a great stop if you’re coming into town via Santiam Pass or finishing up a day of exploration around Sisters. The Bite offers some truly delicious food truck options, including The Rogue Chef and its wide variety of remarkable burgers and sandwiches, as well as Pine Marten’s wood-fired oven turning out some of the best personal Neapolitan pizzas in Central Oregon. Northfresh Sushi also has another truck here for those who can’t get enough of their menu.

Tips on Visiting Food Trucks in Bend, Oregon

  • Food truck lots in Bend can change, and sometimes change quickly. Food carts move around, old cart leaves, new carts are added, and lots in general may be upgraded or changed. We’ve tried to keep everything on our list as current as possible. If you visit a biergarten or food truck lot and a truck we mentioned isn’t there, be sure to look it up online: Chances are good it may have moved somewhere else rather than closed.
  • Always check the hours of operation if you have a specific food truck in mind. Many trucks are only open on certain days, and take a couple of days off for prep. Others may have days where they close early or open late.
  • In addition to the lots we mentioned, there are also pop-up food trucks in solo locations around Bend, often for a limited amount of time. Some pop-up locations are at specific sites (Boss Rambler Beer Club, for example, has done this in the past), while others occur at specific events or on special days.
  • The Hayden Homes amphitheater has summers packed with concerts, and while what you can carry inside is strictly limited, there’s a congregation of food trucks in the amphitheater for hungry attendees. This includes plenty of delicious meals, including some vendors that are hard to find elsewhere in Bend such as Island Noodles.
  • While we focused on the current lots in Bend, don’t forget that there are new food truck lots on the way as well, and they may be open by the time you get here. The most notable example is currently Power House Ski & Patio, which is building a year-round taphouse and patio for 12 different food trucks.
  • Summers in Bend can get hot, and sometimes that can affect food truck operation. But most food truck lots come with misters and shady spots, so the heat is rarely an obstacle to visiting. Just put on some sunscreen before you go. In winter, most lots have fire pits to keep warm at, too.
  • Are you looking at areas outside of Bend to potentially live in or visit for activities? They may have truck lots of their own. Wide Ride Brewing in Redmond has several trucks including Wild Catch (famous for their fish and chips), and the very tasty Shredtown. Or you can visit General Duffy’s Waterhouse to taste That Guy’s Bistro, Sally’s Wok, and other great trucks. If you’re going over to Prineville, check out the Corral Tap Room as well as a satellite location from Wild Ride. And if you’re spending time in Sisters, you may want to seek out The Barn for stylish food truck options like the vegan Rootbound.

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