Relocating to Bend doesn’t have to be complicated – or an expensive process. Fortunately, there are many choices you can make when moving to Bend that will help you save money. Here are several of the most effective, and why they work no matter what your moving plans are!

1. Pack Yourself

If you plan far enough ahead, there’s no reason why you can handle most of the packing for a move by yourself. Not only does this save money on moving services, but you can also ensure that everything is packed and organized properly – and that precious objects are given the care that they need!

2. Get Help Finding a Rental

Finding a rental at an ideal cost can be a challenge, especially when you are preoccupied with other moving details. Without proper research, patience, or timing, you could end up paying more than you need to. Fortunately, Bend Relocation Services offers rental services specifically to help people moving to Central Oregon find a rental fast at the right price, tailored to your needs. Start the process early for the best results!

3. Schedule the Big Move for the Middle of the Week

This may sound like an odd tactic, but movers typically adjust their pricing based on when you schedule. Demand tends to be very high on weekends, and much lower in the middle of the week. That means that scheduling during busy workdays can often lead to cost savings and can moving during downtimes like the winter season. Also, don’t forget to compare rates between movers before you decide (or let us do it for you).

You can also rent a moving truck yourself and handle this without movers, but this can be difficult for those with busy lives and not much time.

4. Don’t Move Things You Don’t Need

Moving costs are decided by factors including weight and the space objects take up, so you can save money by only moving what you absolutely need in your new home. Hold garage sales, and trash or recycle what is leftover. If there are heavy items that you rarely use, like workout equipment or books, consider selling them or storing them in a storage facility for now instead of moving them with everything else. Try to pin down a new home before you move and get precise measurements for important areas like living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms, so you know what furniture will fit and what you shouldn’t bring along.

5. Watch Your Utility Costs

Don’t pay for utilities that you won’t be using – in both your old home and your new one! Call your utility companies or visit their websites and arrange for very specific shutoff dates based on your moving schedule. Avoid paying additional shutoff fees whenever possible, and research your utility’s cancellation rules carefully to watch for ways to save money. Likewise, don’t start up new utilities in Central Oregon until you are moved in and ready to use them.

6. Choose Cost-Efficient Help When You Need It

Instead of wasting time and money on specific tasks when your attention needs to be elsewhere, consider professional services! Our relocation company in Central Oregon offers a la carte options to help out as needed, from handling movers and interior design to making sure a home is baby-proofed. Contact us for more details!