One of the hottest commodities in Bend these days are pet-friendly rentals that allow tenants to keep their pets, usually in return for an extra security deposit or additional fees. It’s common to wonder if there is anything you can do to convince individual landlords to choose you and your pet to be tenants: Let’s dive into how to create a pet resume that shows off your pet’s best side when the time comes to apply!

Create a Pet Resume

A pet resume includes all the details about your pet laid out in an easy-to-read fashion so that landlords can quickly gather the important facts. Start with the basics like age, breed (if known), sex, weight, and height. Many resumes then go on to add a quick biography or more information like the pet’s favorite toys, common activities, where they generally sleep at night, and more. This information may also be required in the application you fill out, but it’s useful for the landlord to have a separate document with everything clearly spelled out.

Provide Visuals for Your Friendly Pet

Visuals are a common part of pet-friendly rentals in Bend and related applications: Images can help a landlord connect with a pet or offer additional evidence that everything in your resume is accurate.

You may also want to consider offering a video link that you can email showing your pet in action, perhaps playing or obeying commands. This can be even more useful than a picture for landlords who are reviewing potential tenants.

Offer Proof of Vaccinations and a Vet’s Note

Applications will generally require proof of vaccination and being spayed/neutered, so talk to your vet early on and gather the necessary documentation. However, we suggest going a step further and asking your vet to write a reference letter generally stating that your pet is in good health and does not have any behavioral issues. A note coming from a vet may carry a lot of weight compared to other references. Our relocation services can also help you register with a new vet when living in Bend!

Show Any Training Certifications or Similar Awards

If you have had your pet for some time, you may have earned certifications from completing training classes, participating in doggy races, and a variety of other activities. Always include these kinds of certifications along with your pet resume. They can go a long way in proving that your pet is well-trained, has outlets for their energy, and has an owner that cares about them.

Collect References from Past Landlords and Others

In a tight market where many pet owners are competing over rental properties, references are a key part of the application process. If you have been a tenant with your pet before, ask past landlords for a reference letter explaining that your pet is well-behaved and didn’t cause any damage. You can also get references from other sources as well: Think about if your groomer or pet sitter may be willing to write a letter testifying to your pet’s pleasant attitude.

Offer to Arrange a Pet Screening with the Landlord

Some landlords may also be willing to conduct pet screenings, which is essentially a final step to see if everything you said in the resume was true. That means the landlord will want to visit with you and your pet and get an idea of your pet’s general health and attitude. Landlords may also want to see your pet answer to basic commands so they know it will behave while you are living inside the rental.

With these steps, you’ll be prepared to create a dazzling resume while relocating to Bend and searching for the ideal spot. For more help managing all the tasks that come with a major move, our relocation company in Central Oregon is here to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us!