For a big move to Bend, storage facilities can be one of the most important solutions! Storage units allow you to move certain things ahead of time, organize your belongings in different ways, and free up necessary space in your new home – among plenty of other advantages. In return, you typically pay a monthly fee to rent out a gated, monitored, and protected storage unit. Here’s everything you should know about storage in Central Oregon, starting with a handy list of places to look for units.

Bend Storage Facilities


Bend has many storage facilities of all sizes, but we wanted to highlight a few of the best here as a starting point for your storage plans!

1. Summit Storage

Summit is one of the newer storage options in Bend, located on 9th street near a post office, an ideal spot for eastside relocators or those in midtown. They have a self-service kiosk that makes managing your storage easy at any time of day. Units include 10×10 foot, 10×20, 10×23, and more, including units large enough for vehicles. We’re also fans of their website, which includes a storage calculator for you to make more accurate decisions about what you need, and a portal where you can pay online so you don’t have to worry about your bill.

2. Alliance Storage

This storage facility has options for car, RV, and boat storage if you’re interested in storing a seasonal vehicle in a safe place (also handy if your HOA has some rules about where RVs can’t be located). Those who are considering their belongings will appreciate the variety of size options for storage units here, from 5×5 foot options to 14×40. They also have a nice mid-town location on 2nd street.

3. Power’s Road Storage

This facility is well-positioned for those in the southern neighborhoods of Bends and homes off Brookswood. They have a broad selection of unit sizes, from 5×5 to 5×10, 10×10, 10×15, 10×20, 10×25, and more. It’s a versatile self-storage option for those who know exactly how much room they need.

4. Bear Creek Storage

Bear Creek Storage’s Purcell Road location is excellent for those living on the Eastside and can handle both short-term storage and long-term storage. It has an excellent array of smaller units that are ideal for residential owners or renters who only have a few things they want to store, or a limited number of seasonal items/decorations they don’t quite have room for. However, units also go all the way up to 12×30 for those who need more space, such as for business storage or larger vehicles.

5. North Empire Storage

Those who need a lot of storage will love the options here, including extra-large units up to 15×50, high ceilings to accommodate larger items that may not find easily elsewhere, and indoor unit options with some climate control features to help reduce temperature fluctuations. They also have some of the most versatile payment options, including checks, cash, automatic withdrawals, online payments, night drops, phone payments, and more. Their location is handy for those living in the northern neighborhoods of Bend

6. Bend Secure Storage

Another great northern location on O.B. Riley Road, Secure offers everything from business and RV storage to smaller 5×10 units for furniture and other home goods. Like other top storage facilities, their property includes a resident manager that can offer in-person or over-the-phone advice to discuss exactly what you may need.

7. Storage Solutions of Bend

From 5×5 to 12×30, this facility has many friendly options for individuals moving to Bend, and an excellent website for finding storage or making payments. The Twin Knolls location is ideal for the eastside residential areas of Bend if you prefer your storage to be close at hand.

8. NW Self Storage

This facility has a central location in the Old Mill that’s great for westside homes and includes a variety of high-quality smaller storage units starting at 5×9.5 with temperature control. It’s a good choice if you’ll be storing more delicate items that won’t react well to the freezing winters – although, because of that, availability may be particularly limited here so you’ll want to act early to reserve a spot with their online rentals.

9. CubeSmart Self Storage of Bend

With a central location on 4th street, this facility specializes in handy online services and quick reservations with a focus on smaller, home-friendly units starting at 5×5. Unlike some facilities, you don’t have to worry about a long-term contract with CubeSmart, and can pay month-to-month, making this mini storage facility a great option for moving some of your belongings early when planning the big move to Bend.

Looking Beyond Bend for Storage

Bend, Oregon is a popular city for relocation, and it’s no surprise that many of its storage units are popular solutions for those moving, starting up new businesses, relocation company teams, and a lot more. High demand units may not be available in every facility. The good news is that storage facilities don’t always have to be nearby to be useful.

It may be worth some extra research time to check out Redmond storage facilities as well – the nearby town has several dependable storage options, and you may find that prices are a bit more affordable. Other cities in Central Oregon like Prineville may have storage options too if you don’t mind making the drive when managing your belongings or seasonal goods. It’s also always a good idea to call individual storage facilities and see if you can be put on a waiting list if it’s something that you really want.

Pricing Storage Units


If you’re interested in a storage unit, no doubt you also want to know what prices look like. The best way to find out is to call a facility directly and ask for a quote. Otherwise, we can only give broad estimates, and pricing may shift based on availability or other factors. On average, small 5×5 units in Bend will cost around $80 per month. A medium 5×10 unit will cost around $140. Units large enough to house a vehicle, etc., will start at several hundred dollars. Factors like location and climate control will affect price – storage in the southern areas of Bend may be a bit more affordable than elsewhere. Deals and discounts will also sometimes apply to help you save money!

Storage Facilities Can Save Money

Still thinking about getting a storage unit? Keep in mind that storage units may be an affordable alternative to paying movers directly to hold items for a certain amount of time (a situation where it’s also more difficult to guarantee the safety of your belongings). Month-to-month leasing for the right size also makes for a hassle-free self-storage experience that avoids juggling different moving companies or services when things get hectic. Always compare prices and services to see how you can save with a timely storage unit.

Storage Units Can Save Time


Units like these can also save a surprising amount of time during a complex move, especially when storage is planned well ahead. You can move seasonal decorations or gear (kayaks, snowboards, bikes, etc.) several months ahead of time, or choose to downsize to a smaller moving truck option and pack up a couple of rooms early, then send them on ahead to a storage unit where you can unpack them at your discretion when setting back up.

Storage Units Can Make Life Easier

Storage units simply give you more options for managing extra items in your move. That can bring valuable peace of mind during stressful times and allow you more freedom in planning just how your move will go. Once you finish moving in, you may find it easier to keep your storage unit and use it to protect certain items rather than trying to find room for them in your new home. That’s especially useful if you end up renting or buying a smaller space than your previous home, and traditional solutions like garage shelves just aren’t going to cut it this time.

Storage Units are Secure


Storage units are also a way to make sure that items stay safe and secure if you are worried about theft or similar issues. The best storage facilities in Bend, Oregon have on-site managers and guards to keep an eye on the facility and help answer questions, as well as gated access so only those authorized (given codes or other means) can drive their vehicles inside the facility for drop-offs and pickups. Facilities generally have 24/7 surveillance to deter theft, and some also offer individual alarms for each storage unit for added protection. Storage units also tend to have specific hours of availability and tend to fully close around 9 or 10pm to help prevent any nighttime issues. If that’s a problem for your situation, there are also facilities that have 24/7 kiosks and other options you access.

Tips on Using Central Oregon Storage Units


  • Look for temperature control if you need it: Climate control options are important in a climate with freezing weather and hot summers. Any items that could be damaged by the cold or heat should be protected.
  • Pests are a possible problem: Particularly in units without climate control, there’s a chance that pests like mice find their way inside, usually brought in from someone else’s storage. When possible, protect your belongings in sturdy containers that can’t be easily chewed through, and don’t have any gaps or slits for spiders and bugs. Avoid cardboard only if possible, or always make sure your unit is climate-controlled and sealed. Never store food in a storage unit.
  • Check belongings thoroughly: Make sure that any stored items are clean, packed tight, organized, and labeled (it’s amazing how much difference labels can make after several months unseen). Make sure there are no bugs, nests, or biological matter anywhere in the stored items. Try to avoid biodegradable packing materials for this task.
  • Ask us about moving: Bend Relocation Services can offer ways to find a rental in Bend, make moving decisions easier, and get involved in the community, among many other options.