I get these two questions about pet-friendly rentals all the time.

  1. How can Bend, Oregon claim to be DogTown, USA when finding a dog-friendly rental is so difficult?
  2. Why are cats considered the “Antichrist” of Bend’s rental world?

Dogs: Rental Friend or Foe?

It’s true. The people of Bend love their dogs, and the city of Bend has done a stellar job transforming Bend into a dog’s paradise. Between the accessible dog-friendly trails, the fantastic array of off-leash dog parks, friendly beaches, and free dog treats stocked at all the gas stations and drive-thrus, Fido is living the dream! Yet, with all of these wonderful accommodations for our furry friends, the landlords in Bend have proven to be anything but accommodating. According to our data, it’s 50% harder for pet owners to find a friendly rental with a dog and 70% harder with two dogs. More and more rental properties are popping up listing “No Pets Allowed” and even when they are allowed, there is a $500 pet deposit fee per pet. Yes, that’s right. If you have two dogs, that’s $1,000 you have to hand over in addition to your security deposit and pre-payment of rent.

So, what can you do to make it easier to secure a rental with dogs?

  • Make sure that you have letters of reference, preferably from your current property manager or resident manager, stating that your dog is quiet, respectful, and hasn’t caused damage to previous properties.
  • Have copies of medical/vaccine records and proof that their rabies tags are current.
  • Have photos of your dog showing they are properly groomed and that their nails are short.
  • Have photos of your current residence, specifically of the floors to show your prospective landlord there is no pet damage.
  • To avoid any surprises or hassles, check to see if your dog’s breed is listed on the Insurance Company Blacklist. Unfortunately, many landlords and property management companies have specific pet policies and will not accept these breeds.

If You Think Dogs Are Frowned Upon, Good Luck with Your Cats!

Personally, I am a cat person which I didn’t realize until I got a dog. Though I am a true cat lover, objectively, I understand why they are a landlord’s nightmare. Though they are small, low maintenance, and pretty fastidious when it comes to cleanliness, when owning a cat goes wrong, it REALLY goes wrong. Nothing ruins a floor or furniture faster than cat pee. So from a prospective landlord, I get why, sadly, 30% of rental listings allow cats, and only 15% will accept two. I feel more confident presenting landlords with a client who has multiple assault records and bankruptcies than one who has multiple cats. By no means am I suggesting you get rid of the cats. In fact, Bend Relocation Services has a “No Animals Left Behind” motto. These statistics are merely to give you a heads-up in your search for a pet-friendly home.

So, what can you do to make it easier to secure a rental with cats?

  • Make sure that you have a list of pet references stating that your cat is quiet, respectful, and didn’t cause damage to previous properties.
  • Provide a letter from your landlord or an outside party stating that your current residence does not smell like cat urine or a litter box.
  • Have copies of medical/vaccine records and proof that their rabies tags are current.

Bringing Your Furry Friend on Vacation to Bend?

If you’re coming to vacation in Bend and want to bring the whole family, we can help you and your family members secure the perfect friendly vacation rental. We will provide you with information about our available pet-friendly vacation rentals in Bend. Most importantly, information regarding our vacation homes’ pet policies such as pet fees, leash laws, and rental cost. We want you and your family members to enjoy taking your best friend on an outdoor adventure to the beach in the comforts of home in pet-friendly Oregon.

How Can Bend Relocation Services Help You Find Pet-Friendly Rentals?

From dogs and cats to goats and chickens, we have found a rental for all! Though rental options are significantly narrowed when a pet is added to the mix, there is always a friendly home that will take them. Please feel free to contact us no matter how many animals are in your family. Four dogs and three cats are our domesticated record and we are always up for the challenge to find pet-friendly rentals!