From Bend’s status as a Zoom-friendly city to its venture-friendly incubators, it’s not surprising that some of those relocating to Bend prefer to do it as a cohesive business. That can be a demanding project, but with the right preparation we’re sure your team will be ready. Our dedicated relocation services can help corporate teams make the leap to Bend, but we wanted to start with several ideas on how to start preparing a team.

Start Communication Early

Moving to a new city entirely requires plenty of planning and a flexible timeline. It’s important to start communication with employees as soon as you begin to consider moving to somewhere like Bend. Keep them informed about the reasons you are planning the move, the broad timeline you are working on, and how the move will affect various parts of the team or company operations.

Decide on Remote Work Structure

How much of the team needs to come with your business? How much of the team can telecommute or work from home? Companies need to arrive at decisions about remote work early in the relocation process and set clear guidelines so that the team can be divided into positions (and potentially people) that will be relocated, and other positions that can use remote work without the need to move. There has never been a better time than finding the versatile mix that’s right for your business.

Start Looking for a Space

Your team will be eager to see exactly where the company is relocating to, so it’s also a good idea to start looking for a new office space and securing it for the move. A relocation company in Central Oregon like Bend Relocation Services can help make this step easier by finding the right spaces for your needs and completing other important steps. When you have a lease secured, don’t hesitate to share the details with your team so they can also start making office plans.

Enable Your Team for Their Move

For those in the team that are relocating with the business, even temporarily, the project can be stressful: Help your valuable employees as much as possible. Maintain a positive environment, share news when possible, and give them plenty of time to prepare for the move, including easing off current duties as more relocation tasks start to emerge. Relocation services can also help them find home rentals in Bend or other important moving goals, and it’s important to start this process ASAP, as the real estate market in the area is highly competitive. A bonus or stipend while relocating is also very popular and can help employees who are dealing with a complex work/life balance.

As Relocation Begins, Assign Clear Roles

As the relocation steps begin, make sure to assign every team member specific roles and responsibilities for the move. That may include anything from boxing up their own desk (you may not want movers to handle everything, especially when it comes to individual workspaces) to coordinating a break room cleanout session. Teams will find the move easier when everyone knows what they are expected to do.

Finally, if you are interested in additional services, let us know! We are happy to be your on-the-spot corporate relocation company and can also help you find rentals in Central Oregon – among a variety of other options to make your move easier.