If you’re looking for a fresh start, then there’s nothing fresher than moving to a new city like Bend with different people, places and opportunities. However, starting from scratch can be overwhelming and confusing when you’re unsure about your destination and all it has to offer. Luckily, endless resources are available from all corners of the internet and relocation companies like Bend Relocation Services.

When you’ve decided where you’ll be settling, follow this guide to comfortably find your way to your new home.

Do your research

Find out the average cost of living, state taxes and laws, rental requirements, street cleaning, waste disposa, and more. As you solidify more details, you should revisit your research to make sure you’re still in the know.

Make a budget

Before you move, save up and create a budget to account for up-front rental fees, taxes, movers, gas, hotels, food and anything that may add up during your transition.

Pick a date

While you don’t have to decide on the exact day right now, knowing the season will prepare you for moving conditions and allow time to assemble a team for your relocation.

Find your new place

Shopping for a new place without physically being in the city feels disorienting. Read our eight tips on finding the perfect neighborhood for your family.

For in-depth and personalized house hunting, reach out to a local relocation company like Bend Relocation Services that will help find and tour appropriate homes or apartments that you’ll like.

Pack it up

Decide what stays and goes, and then start to pack it away. Locate all your official documents, put them in a lockbox, and transport them with you for safe keeping.

Change your address

About two weeks before your move, begin forwarding your mail to your new address. If your house will remain empty, ask friends and neighbors to keep an eye out for stray mail.

Take care of utilities

As your moving date approaches, you’ll need to shut down your old life to start the new one. Schedule an appropriate end and start date for your old and new utilities respectively so that you don’t accrue unnecessary bills.

Declare residency and change your plates

Avoid extra taxes, fines and fees by declaring residency in your new state, if applicable. Additionally, get an appropriate license and vehicle registration within the allotted time period – typically 30 days, but it varies by state.

Familiarize yourself with the area

Look up the hot spots in town, as well as social clubs and extracurricular activities that may interest you. Explore your new town in different ways: by foot, bike, car, etc., in order to see establishments up close and personal.

Moving to a new city can be a lot to handle – we get it, and we’re here for you. If you’re moving to Bend, Oregon, then let us do some of the heavy lifting. We know the city inside out and can provide recommendations on places to live, work, play, eat and shop. We can provide videos and expertise about different rentals that we believe will mesh with your personality and budget. Our start from scratch services act as your eyes and ears in Bend to secure the best rental and a smooth relocation.