Congratulations on finding your new home! You’ve spent the time researching safe neighborhoods with the best schools and accommodations. Now it’s time to ensure that your house offers a safe environment for the little ones and all of your furry friends.

Here’s a starting guide for baby- and pet-proofing your home before you move in:

Securing the Bathroom

  • Control the water temperature – Set the maximum temperature on your water heater to 120 degrees. Kids become intrigued by turning knobs and playing in water, and excessive temperatures can easily cause scalding burns.
  • Install toilet lid locks – Always keep the toilet lid down to stop pets and toddlers from playing in the bowl. Additionally, install toilet seat locks to avoid dangers, as children can drown in just a few inches of water.
  • Latch the cabinets – Detergent, soaps and cleaners can be hazardous and easily accessible. Latch your lower cabinets and invest in a sealable medicine container to keep out curious hands and noses.
  • Nonslip mats – You’ll likely be chasing wet little ones around after bath time. Nonslip mats reduce the risk of injury.

Making Common Areas Safe

  • Organize wires – Messy wires are asking to be chewed by pets and pulled by children. Cable boxes keep cords organized and out of sight.
  • Switch your window blind cords – Not only will your pets want to chew on these dangling strings, but they can also find themselves wrapped around small necks. Switch to cordless blinds or use a cord holder to keep ropes well above ground level.
  • Window stoppers – Open windows invite escaped animals and smashed fingers. Window stoppers control the window level and prevent it from slipping.
  • Use corner guards – Place rounded bumpers on the sharp corners of television stands, tables and furniture to avoid bumps and bruises.
  • Mount heavy objects – Secure bookshelves and televisions to the wall to stop objects from falling over on pets and kids. Remove heavy books and lamps from unsecured surfaces.
  • Screen in your fireplace – Prevent pets and children from ingesting ashes by screening in the fireplace.
  • Block off the stairs – Place gates in front of stair entrances to avoid falls.
  • Cover your outlets – Traditional outlet covers are a choking hazard and can be easily removed by little hands. New sliding covers require both prongs to remain open.

Adjusting the Kitchen

  • Close the trash can – Keep animals and children out of the trash can by using lids. Installing pull out trash cans to store this item further out of reach.
  • Choose placemats instead – Make sure your toddlers and pets are not accidentally pulling down the tablecloth and everything on it by opting for placemats.

Cleaning the Outdoors

  • Clean the driveway – Hose down your driveway to stop your pets from lapping up antifreeze and other fluids.
  • Fence in the pool and garden – Fences keep unsupervised children out of the pool and curious animals out of your garden.
  • Check the grass – Nails and screws easily lodge themselves in your pet’s paws, or worse, are eaten. Check your yard for glass and metal before letting your pup run free.

Need a hand completing your to-do list before you move in? Bend Relocation Services offers babyproofing and pet-proofing to ensure your home’s safety and make your transition easier.