Thinking about moving to Bend, Oregon? You’re not alone: The beautiful Central Oregon destination has become a popular target for entrepreneurs, young professionals, outdoor enthusiasts and many others. While we’re happy to provide the relocation services you need to make moving easier, we also understand you may want to know more about a place before making your final decision. Check out 10 of the best reasons to move to Bend this year!

  1. There are Outdoor Activities for Everybody

When people talk about Bend, they talk a lot about skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and other activities for outdoor enthusiasts. However, Bend also has plenty of outdoor action spanning all levels of interest and ability. From easy hikes around town to shorter mountain excursions, snowshoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding, there’s something for everyone – and great views are always guaranteed!

  1. Urban Entertainment Without the Urban Issues

Bend may be a resort town under 100,000 people, but it has a surprisingly lively entertainment scene. There is always a selection of theatrical productions to check out downtown, a constant string of live bands in the pubs and bars, races and events to participate in, and a ton of festivals to check out no matter what season it may be – and that’s just the beginning! Plus, you don’t have to deal with huge crowds or impossible parking that can plague many urban environments.

  1. The Beer Scene is World-Famous

With the most breweries per capita (per person) in the country, Bend is more than prepared to meet every craving for craft brews and experimental hops projects. If beer really isn’t your thing, there’s also a thriving kombucha, craft cocktails and wine scene around the area.

  1. And Incredible Food, Too!

Bend has been more than happy to adopt the foodie culture that’s so popular in Portland, Seattle and other parts of the Northwest. The result is an influx of incredible restaurants, innovative pub fare and delicious food carts representing cuisine from around the world.

  1. Great Community Opportunities

Bend is filled with community opportunities for people of all interests, making it much easier to find new friends and explore hobbies than some areas. Everyone is quite active on social media like MeetUp, Nextdoor and Facebook, which are filled with events and groups for all kinds of activities, ages and stages of life. The local Central Oregon Community College also provides a wide variety of casual classes designed for those exploring the community, and many local businesses sponsor similar activities.

  1. There’s Something for Winter and Summer People

Bend’s yearly weather is famously divided into winter weather and summer weather. That means there’s something for everyone. Skiing in the winter? No problem! Hiking the high desert in the summer? Remember your sunscreen! The variety makes sure that nobody gets bored.

  1. Plenty of Opportunities for Kids

Bend has plenty to offer families or those looking to start families as well! Our school districts have excellent facilities and many different programs for every kid and all types of family involvement. For the toddlers, parks are always within walking distance in town, and there are plenty of outdoor activities geared toward the little ones.

  1. There’s Always Something New

Bend is popular with entrepreneurs looking to try new business ideas and interesting concepts in a variety of neighborhoods. This means there’s always something new in town to try, whether it’s the latest sushi joint, a new brewery, a cool sports shop concept or the next bookstore/café meeting spot.

  1. Pets are More Than Welcome

Pet parks abound in Bend, along with plenty of social pet activities! You’ll also have no trouble finding a great vet, grooming service, pet sitter or anything else that your beloved furry friend may need. We can help you find a pet-friendly rental in Bend that suits your needs.

  1. Home Prices are Getting Better

The cost of living and home prices in Bend have been particularly high in recent years, which has made moving into town more difficult. Fortunately, the real estate market has begun to enter a leveling out phase. This self-correction is making homes more affordable, while new construction is providing additional rental opportunities. It’s one of the most affordable times to consider a move: Ask us for more details!