Still looking for some awesome ideas for Valentine’s Day? If you want to find that perfect spot or just the right place to go for a romantic time in Bend, we have just the locations you should know about. Keep these in mind and plan your romantic day out accordingly!

McMenamin’s Old St. Francis

Old St. Francis is a winning date spot because there’s a little bit of everything. The restaurant is great, the little movie theater is cozy, there’s a cigar and whiskey bar out in the back, hotel rooms for spending the night, and much more. You could easily spend all evening here trying out different things – including McMenamin’s own brews and cocktails. There’s also plenty of parking, and the downtown location makes it easy to walk there if necessary. If you want a room for the night, make sure you call ahead and check for availability.

10Below Restaurant and Lounge

Another popular downtown location, 10Below is attached to the award-winning Oxford Hotel – another spot that makes it easy to spend the night, but it tends to be quite popular around Valentine’s Day, so don’t count on getting a room unless you make a reservation! 10Below is literally below, an underground restaurant that makes a perfectly classy spot for a romantic evening, featuring excellent food and drinks, and many cozy spots where you can find some privacy for your meal. It’s a great spot if you want to impress your date, and the central downtown location is a bonus.

Worthy Brewing

Located on the Eastside, Worth Brewing has several features that make it a great spot for a romantic date. First, the food and craft beer are both excellent, so you’re not going to disappoint anyone with “normal” pub fare. Second, there’s plenty of seating and a nice little plaza if the weather allows. But the third thing is really our favorite – it offers the perfect vista of Pilot Butte, which looks spectacular as the sun is setting. By all means try to get there a little before sunset and you’ll see what we mean. However, note that it is a little out of the way compared to more central locations.

Naked Winery

Naked Winery’s spot in Old Mill is specifically made for romance. The wine tasting bar isn’t cheap, but every drink is an innuendo, the staff is attentive and excellent, and the little snacks are particularly tasty. It’s a great place to start out on a date, but if you’re feeling hungry, we highly suggest making your way over to Level 2 for some food and a great view of the sunset over the mountains.

Bonfire Snowshoe Tour

Maybe you and your date have a more adventurous idea of what to do for a romantic evening and want an outdoor activity. In that case, check out the bonfire snowshoe tours offered by Wanderlust Tours in Bend. You take a snowshoe hike and cozy up at a bonfire at the end! Desserts and hot drinks are highly encouraged – just make sure that you are prepared for a snow hike.