Everybody wants to feel good about their appearance, but is there any particular time to start an exercise regimen? The answer is no! There is no perfect time to start your workout routine. You can start at anytime and there are many options in the Bend, OR area. Below we will discuss the different types of gyms you can easily find in Bend.

Types of Gyms in Bend

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Every gym has its benefits and drawbacks, but you must think about a few distinct aspects to choose between the various kinds of gyms. When looking for a gym, it’s important to assess cost, accessibility, and training equipment. The main types of gyms available in the Bend area include traditional gyms, CrossFit gyms, boutique fitness studios, and university gyms.

Traditional Gyms

Traditional gyms include many machines, rows of treadmills, and open equipment, frequently providing workout courses. They get congested during busy times. Also, you are usually on your own when using the equipment. Traditional gyms are an excellent place to start working out if you are looking to have a wide variety of equipment available and many also offer classes to help you get started.

Athletic Club of Bend

The Athletic Club of Bend offers full-service athletic club activities while providing year-round events and has outdoor and indoor fitness facilities. Seven indoor tennis courts, multiple cardio rooms, indoor and outdoor pools, weight rooms, an indoor track, four racquetball/squash courts, a basketball court, and a full-service pro shop are all a part of the full-service club’s amenities.

Pilates, yoga, strength training, group exercise, water exercise, cardio, and indoor cycling are among the classes available to members and visitors.

Lift Fitness Studio

Everyone from those looking to improve their daily lives to professional athletes receives training at this fitness center. They also provide sessions that are 30 and 45 minutes long, so you can dedicate the ideal amount of time to being the best version of yourself.

Shift Fitness

Shift fitness is another excellent place for a workout in Bend. You can do a wide range of exercises with the help of professionals. The gym has the best facilities available for people. Moreover, it is an excellent place to lose weight while becoming friends with others.

The gym focuses on wellness. Therefore, the fitness club offers its clients different workout programs to help them choose the one that would benefit them the most.

Planet Fitness

A professional fitness trainer from PF will tour you around the facility and give you instructions on various strength and cardio equipment. In addition to leading a range of small group training sessions, gym trainers can help you create an exercise regimen that will enable you to achieve your objectives and maximize the benefits of your workouts.

CrossFit Gyms

The affiliate program is available nationwide. CrossFit is a well-known brand that represents a distinct kind of exercise. This large-group training typically occurs in a warehouse and combines plyometric, strength, body weight, and Olympic lifting activities. While there may be modifications for activities you cannot perform, these programs typically do not include customization.

You and the clock are typically the opponents during workouts, making CrossFit gyms’ atmosphere competitive and fast-paced. The customer-to-trainer ratio might increase to a maximum of 40:1.

This kind of facility ranges from moderately priced to inexpensive. The right type of gym is one where you can learn and practice skills quickly and thrive in a competitive environment.

These CrossFit gyms have excellent trainers and coaches who work hard to help and mentor you as you pursue your fitness goal. Because several of these fitness facilities also offer extra gym services, they are frequently well-equipped and oriented toward providing excellent services. Users may also become members in addition to using the services provided.

General Fitness Gym

Since 2013, General Fitness Gym, previously called CrossFit PDX, has offered secure and efficient strengthening and conditioning programs for Oregon residents of all fitness levels. Their instruction will undoubtedly improve strength and fitness, providing a solid foundation in good movement mechanics, a fundamental grasp of creating training plans, and nutritional awareness.

Your coach will guide you toward becoming an independent individual who can maintain a healthy way of life. These exercise routines encourage general strength, conditioning, and movement sensibility.

Xcel Fitness

Xcel Fitness is one of Bend, Oregon’s top local, round-the-clock gyms. Memberships to gyms start at just $24 per month. At this gym, you can engage in resistance training, cardio, and free weights using cutting-edge equipment.

They also offer childcare and are a CrossFit gym that provides personal trainers, saunas, and massage therapists to further assist you in achieving your fitness gym goals. They have been in operation for over 20 years.

CrossFit Thrice

The gym’s staff members have completed more than 20 different specialist certifications and have 20 years of CrossFit expertise. They are enthusiastic about assisting you in leading a better life. Attend a free introductory session to discover what makes CrossFit Thrice one of the best gyms in Bend, Oregon.

Boutique Fitness Studios

Most people picture gyms as places they visit, use for exercise, and then depart. With boutique gyms becoming more and more popular, that is changing.

In boutique settings, you are more than a single person. You enroll and typically exercise with others in a group setting or establish a personal connection with an instructor or trainer.

Boutique gyms can differ by location and are frequently not large chains. They provide many of the same pieces of equipment as big-box gyms, but they’re often smaller and have a more welcoming atmosphere.

Personal training sessions or on-site trainer consultations are occasionally, but not always, included with your membership. There can also be activities or group workouts that you won’t find at big-box gyms.

Although these gyms are frequently pricier than big box competitors, they are a fantastic option for those not inspired by the idea of being a small fish in a large pool at a corporate gym chain. In a small, specialized gym, you’ll receive more individualized care and meet more people.

Steelhead Fitness

This is a quality gym, whether you’re a visitor searching for a day pass for a challenging workout or a week or month pass. Steelhead Fitness is an excellent place to exercise. You will have two weeks to try it out and decide whether or not you would like to join. Once you sign up as a member, you can access the gym whenever you want. Trainers are available to assist you.

Free weights are available in addition to the standard gym equipment. The staff is friendly, and there is a cafe indoors with pre and post-workout items. It’s large and has everything you need for CrossFit, bodybuilding, and strength training, including beginner-friendly machines. Also, they provide classes like yoga, Pilates, dance, and more!

Circuit Bouldering Gym

The Circuit Bouldering Gym is one of the largest gyms in Oregon. The cutting-edge facility is over 20,000 square feet. Moreover, the fitness center has top-out boulders, a fitness area, instruction (yoga, fitness, clinics), a bar with local beer, an impressive kid climbing area, youth programming (birthday parties, after-school clubs, camps), and bike storage.

University Gyms

Universities have high-quality gyms with cutting-edge equipment available to students. Joining a university gym is a great choice for anyone who lives nearby.

Bend is home to several universities, and each of them has a gym that is open to the public:

  • COCC Health and Human Performance Center: This gym is located on the Central Oregon Community College campus and offers a wide range of cardio and weightlifting equipment. They also offer group fitness classes such as Zumba and yoga.
  • OSU-Cascades Fitness Center: This gym is located on the Oregon State University-Cascades campus and offers cardio and weightlifting equipment, as well as group fitness classes such as yoga and Pilates.
  • Pacific Crest Sports Center: This gym is located on the Bend campus of Pacific University and offers cardio and weightlifting equipment, as well as group fitness classes and personal training sessions.

Looking to Move to Bend? We Can Assist!

Bend, Oregon, is a beautiful place to live. The small city has a lot to offer to its residents. From adventures to scenic beauties, fitness centers, and changing landscapes, the town offers beautiful views while dining out with family or for a walk.

The city is famous for its fitness clubs and the wide range of available gyms. So, if you are relocating to Bend and looking for the best gyms and fitness centers, don’t worry. You will find a wide range of fitness centers offering different training programs to help people stay fit once you make your official move.

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