Relocating to Bend can be an exciting time, but our pets don’t always feel the same way! If you are planning on making the big move with your pet, it’s important that they stay safe and comfortable throughout the process. Here are several tips that you may find useful when making plans.

1. Get Your Pet Used to Crates and Carriers

Don’t hide your crates or carriers that you will be using for travel – you don’t want to give them a bad connotation. Instead, encourage your pets to hang around them, and occasionally place treats inside to get them to explore the temporary shelters. There are also pheromone sprays you can find at local pet stores that are designed to have a calming effect and can be sprayed on crates, blankets, etc. You may even want to take your pet on short practice runs with the crate/carrier in the car leading up to the big move.

If your pet is still very anxious about the process, it’s always a good idea to talk to your vet about a more targeted approach.

2. Make Sure Your New Home is Ready for Pets

When planning your move, look for pet-friendly rentals in Bend that will be ready for you! Not all rentals will accept all kinds of pets, and rentals may require documentation or even references for your pet before they will accept an application. Try to have all your pet-related paperwork ready well ahead of time, and partner with a relocation company in Central Oregon like Bend Relocation Services to help you locate an available rental fast while you take care of other details.

3. Prepare for Moving Day

It’s a good idea to have a calm, quiet room your pet can feel safe in as you start packing up the house. If you need to be present when everything is packed into the moving truck, try to keep your pet enclosed in this room or let them stay with a trusted friend: This can be an anxious time for pets, and you don’t want them running away at a key moment. Otherwise, keep the pet’s routine as normal as possible, and let them stay around familiar belongings until the last moment.

4. Pack an Overnight Bag for Your Pets

Setting up a new home can be a very busy time, and it’s important to make sure your pet is taken care of. One of the easiest methods is to prepare a separate pack for your pet that includes enough food, toys, blankets, litter, and other supplies/medication for the first several days of unpacking. That way neither of you must worry about it! Some people like to have their new home pet proofed as much as possible before introducing their pets to it, but this isn’t always possible.

5. Update All Pet-Related Information

Bend is full of experienced and friendly vet services, and it’s a good idea to arrange to meet a new vet in the months after a move. This is also the appropriate time to update your location and address for your pet’s chip and tags.

Again, if you need relocation services to help you find pet-friendly places to stay, advice on how to help your pet manage the trickier parts of a move, or suggestions for great pet parks around Bend, Bend Relocation Services can help! Our corporate relocation company is here to help make all aspect of your move easier and more efficient.