We recently celebrated National Dog Day here in Bend, and that got us thinking: We get plenty of questions about living in Bend with pets, especially when it comes to finding a rental that accepts pets. Here’s a simple guide to help those relocating to Bend understand renting with pets in the area.

Pets and Your Rental Application

Let’s start with some basics! Rentals are categorized on whether they are pet-friendly, so it’s important to start looking at the pet-friendly renting options. Then, as part of your application, you will generally have to provide information about your pet, offer proof of licensing/vaccination, and often include references from past landlords if possible (a photo of your pet is also encouraged).

If your application is accepted, renting with a pet will invoke additional fees. That could include a higher security deposit, an additional monthly fee, and so on. If you need walking or pet care services in your busy Bend life, make sure you include these expected costs, too. Now let’s take at restrictions involving pets in rentals.

Cats vs. Dogs

Pet-friendly rentals in Bend can vary a lot when it comes to cats vs. dogs. In general, landlords are less willing to accept cats in a rental and more willing to allow dogs. That’s nothing against your specific furry friend – cats have a reputation for causing more damage to property, and it’s harder for tenants to show proof of their obedience. If you are renting with a cat, start looking as early as possible and stay patient: Bend Relocation Services can help you narrow your search to the latest cat-friendly rentals. Other pets may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Dog Sizes and Dog Numbers

Rentals are also restricted based on the size and number of your pets. For example, some rentals may allow dogs under 35 pounds, but not dogs over that size. Others may accept both but will charge higher fees for the larger dogs.

The same is true of the number of pets. Some rentals may only allow one pet. Others may allow an additional dog (or, more rarely, an additional cat), but they will generally require another security deposit for it.

Pets and Short-Term Rentals

If you are only interested in a short-term rental, look at apps like Airbnb: More casual online renting options like this tend to be more relaxed when it comes to bringing your pet along for a quick stay to explore Bend or conduct business before your move.

Laws About Pets in Bend, Oregon

City laws regarding pets in Bend are relatively simple, but there are a few important points to keep in mind if you are moving to Bend for the first time and want to avoid fees or other problems:

  • Both Bend and Oregon State laws require your dog to be licensed by the county you are living in – Deschutes County, in this case. If your dog is six months old or older, it must have a license AND wear that license on a collar, etc., to prove that the dog has been properly vaccinated. We’re happy to help those living in Bend find a vet and arrange for licensing as part of relocating to Bend.
  • Dogs must be on a tethered leash inside the City of Bend, except for specific off-leash areas found in dog parks.
  • Bend prefers neighbors to deal with excessive barking or howling problems with a polite conversation or note. If the Bend Police Department gets enough complaints about a noisy dog, they may take action.

Outdoor Recreation and Your Pet

Keep in mind, there are also a variety of rules for dogs in the outdoor areas around Central Oregon. For the safety of hikers, cyclists, and horses, many trails require dogs to be leashed as well. Camping sites may have their own regulations for dogs, too, so it’s always a good idea to look up your destination while you’re making those fun weekend plans.

Changing a Landlord’s Mind About Pets

We know that sometimes people look for rental properties with the hope that they can convince a landlord to allow their pets even if the rental says no pets are allowed. We don’t suggest relying on this strategy in Bend: The rental market can be very competitive here, and rentals managed or owned by companies tend to have inflexible rules that will lead to a swift rejection of your application. Independent landlords may be more open to changing requirements, but it will take proof of your pet’s nondestructive nature and results will be uncertain.

If you want help finding just the right rental or preparing a competitive rental application, our relocation company in Central Oregon is here to help! Look at our relocation services and see what we can do for you.