There’s nothing quite like the all-purpose zip code to get to know an area! Sure, United States zip codes are technically used to specify addresses and divide cities into different postal service regions – but when moving to a new area, zip codes are also a shortcut method to learn more about the city, its different sections, your place of employment, or real estate investments. Check out this basic map of the zip codes that make up Bend, Oregon and some basic information on each.

At 3,055 square miles, Deschutes County is made up of a number of area codes. Bend Oregon itself is divided into three primary zip codes, 97701, 97702, and 97703, which cut right through the heart of the city and extend through parts of Central Oregon. Learning about these zip codes is an important step if you are planning to move to Bend or a nearby area. Let’s take a closer look at each code and what you can expect.

1. 97701


This area is generally considered to hold a significant amount of Bend city limits including Midtown and most of the Eastside. According to, 97701 has experienced high population growth, with a population of 74,255 in 2020. This land area encompasses the northeast segment of Bend. Its boundary generally follows Highway 97 on the west and Highway 20 on the south. This zone stretches north almost all the way to Pronghorn Resort and even Redmond, which is why some communities near Redmond or Tumalo are included in the Bend area code. This is also the area of Bend generally considered to hold a significant amount of Midtown and most of the Eastside.

Interesting Facts and Landmarks

  • Wait, My Zip Code is Longer than This: Yes, some areas have digit zip extensions or the “Zip+4” code, an effort made by the post office in the 1980s that only went into effect in some places. The extra numbers are generally used to describe the type of address, to be of more help to couriers. They are not used in this part of Oregon. The first five numbers, by the way, indicate a specific region in America, the code of the primary post office, and codes for smaller postal zones within the region.
  • Pilot Butte: Some part of Bend must claim the iconic Pilot Butte, and it’s officially in the 97701 area. This is the large butte with a central location that you can see from many spots in Bend. It’s popular for a quick run or hike, watching the sunset, and generally knowing where you are in town if you’re a newcomer.
  • High Desert: This is the section of Bend closest to the eastern high desert part of the city, where the Cascade Mountain forests vanish, and open plains dominate. This is a great location if you like canyon hikes and big sky views…just make sure you check what trails are open, as they can close based on weather and breeding seasons for protected wildlife.
  • The Forum: If you want to do some shopping, The Forum shopping center is one of the largest in the zone and a long-time popular spot on the Bend Eastside.
  • St. Charles Medical: One of the largest employers in Bend is St. Charles, and most of the large hospital complex is located here. That makes this zip code a popular option for those who know they’ll be working at the healthcare company or will be needing to make frequent visits.
  • Yes, the Bend Municipal Airport is technically here: This gets a large label on maps, but generally isn’t very important for actual travel. The Bend Airport and nearby airstrips are primarily used by smaller craft. If you are looking for tickets or the nearest large airport, then you’ll want to look up the Redmond Municipal Airport just on the outskirts of the 97701 layout, a.k.a. RDM, which is where all major flights leave or arrive.

2. 97702


97702 is the southern zone in Bend, stretching south nearly to Sunriver and encompassing Mount Bachelor. Its northern border is roughly Highway 20, but only follows that rule in some sports. You can think of it as the zip code that draws a line between north and south Bend, and across the heart of the city.

Interesting Facts and Landmarks

  • Riverbend and The Old Mill: This zip code contains the bend in the Deschutes River that the city was originally named after, now commemorated by Riverbend Park and some great in-town hiking trails. This is also where the original hub of industry was in Bend, the large mill area: Decades ago, the mill was shut down and transformed into shopping centers, townhomes, condos, offices, restaurants, and more – now collectively known as The Old Mill District.
  • Mountain views: Some of the best views of the mountains can be found in this zone, so keep that in mind if seeing the Cascade Range is a priority for your new home. It’s also where most of the transportation to Mt. Bachelors takes place for those who can’t wait to get on the slopes.
  • New growth and affordability: This zip code also includes many newer or recently reinvigorated developments in the southern parts of Bend. Residential areas along Brookswood and in Deschutes River Woods can be good options for those who are looking for more affordable homes. On the east side of 97702 is the Old Farm District, which includes older developments in a more forested area and is another area to consider when first moving to Central Oregon.
  • Resorts and nature: In the southern reaches of 97702 you will also find the popular Seventh Mountain Resort, a getaway location for those who don’t need to be too close to the snowboarding slopes but still want the mountain experience. That also includes large chunks of the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, the Deschutes National Forest, and Lava Butte, all popular locations for outdoor adventures when the weather is right.
  • Oh, and don’t forget about the landfill: Bend only has one landfill, Knot Landfill, and you’ll find it here – at least until about 2029, when the landfill is estimated to close and new arrangements will be made. Moving into a new area can involve a lot of waste management, especially when it comes to larger items that you can’t just throw into the trash: Knowing where the landfill may be helpful for your moving experience!
  • New High School: The latest Bend public high school recently opened here, called Caldera. Featuring a modern approach to school building and a stylish library, Caldera will be the high school assigned to many students who move to the 97702 area, something to keep in mind when looking at schools throughout the city.

3. 97703

This zip code can largely be described as the western part of Bend, and when someone talks about “Westside” it’s a good bet they’re referring to this zone. On its east side, the zone’s border is primarily Highway 97. Its northern border is far less predictable and stretches all the way to Sisters in some places.

Interesting Facts and Landmarks

  • 97703 is a recent addition: For most of Bend’s existence, 97703 didn’t exist. But rapid growth throughout the city, especially in the last couple of decades, led to the need for a new zip code to better manage mail deliveries. 97703 was officially added in 2015, with a one-year grace period for everyone to get used to it.
  • Old town and Downtown: This zone contains a full range of housing units including some of the oldest housing in Bend and the general downtown area. With landmarks like the beautiful Drake Park, which follows a slowly flowing Deschutes River, 97703 holds a main area of Bend. This is also an area that’s seen plenty of new growth with smaller multi-family housing developments and similar projects.
  • Northwest Crossing: The popular neighborhood Northwest Crossing is also here, an eco-friendly division with great views of the mountains, and its own prized collection of great food and shops. Newcomers may want to consider homes here if they like the idea of a small-town feeling that still has easy access to the amenities of Bend. Summit High school is also located here.
  • COCC: Bend’s largest college is also in this zip code, Central Oregon Community College. With a tree-studded campus that’s within minutes of both Northwest Crossing and Downtown Bend, it’s no surprise this is a popular spot – plus, COCC has a wide variety of classes, including some of the best programs for outdoor recreation and nature in the country. The other college contender in town is OSU – Cascades, with a 97702 zip code.
  • Nature beckons: You’ll also find some of the largest parks in Bend here, including Shevlin Park, with hundreds of miles of trails to explore everything from old-growth forests to desert plains. Many of these trails can be fun to try in any season and make an excellent choice for an adventure with friends or pets that doesn’t require driving too far away from the city.

What about 97707 and 97709?

You may see additional zip codes listed on some maps of Bend, notably 97707 and 97709. Broadly, these aren’t considered part of the City of Bend, proper, although they may be referenced in a more casual look at Central Oregon. 97707 is a southwest zone that encompasses the popular town of Sunriver, which is often a commuting destination to or from Bend, also known for its outdoor activities and family-friendly events. 97709 is a technical zip code point for postal use that’s within 97703 and doesn’t affect the city.

While our little guide is a good starting place for learning more about Bend’s neighborhoods, you can dive into much more detail if you want! Contact Bend Relocation Services to check out how we can make your move here easier. That includes helping you find a rental, choose a neighborhood, learn about local school options, and even relocate your company to Bend. Find the package that’s right for your plans and we’ll be happy to talk about your goals!