As the weather warms up and the full swing of spring hits, even more opportunities open in Bend for fun, exploration, learning, and amusement. If you’ll be living in Bend in the spring and want to know what to try first, we have a few ideas for you!

1. Take a Last Ride on the Slopes

Spring is that magical time when there’s still enough fresh powder on the mountains for excellent conditions, but the days are long as the skies are bright blue, making for a perfect day for your favorite winter sports. Just plan early and reserve your parking spot so you’ll be ready when it’s time!

2. Take a Walk Downtown

Downtown Bend was made for walking – it’s easy to get around, Drake Park and the Deschutes River are just around the corner, and the entire area is filled with nooks packed with cafes, bookstores, pubs, apparel stores, and much more. When the weather gets warm enough, grab your shorts and get ready to spend a leisurely day checking out what’s new and fun downtown.

3. Pick a Favorite Hike

The endless trails in Central Oregon offer plenty of options for everyone, including many family-friendly hikes that are perfect for an afternoon of adventure. Look for a local trail that you haven’t tried before and set aside some time to get ready and make an excursion (there are also plenty of incredible trails within the city for easier hikes). There are also plenty of hike options for specific goals, like checking out wildflower meadows or exploring lava beds. Just don’t forget the mosquito spray!

4. Starting the Bend Ale Trail

If you are relocating to Bend and looking for a spring activity to get better acquainted with the city, we highly suggest the Bend Ale Trail, a series of stops around the top 22 breweries of Central Oregon with the ability to check in and enter contests for prizes after completing a certain amount of the trail. You can find passports, guides, and ideas for navigation online, so you’ll have everything you need. We suggest you take it slow: Plan each visit around a meal so you can test out some of the incredible fare our pubs and breweries offer or schedule a tour for when you visit to really take in the process.

5. Get Your Fishing Time In

When spring gets going in Bend, you can be sure that the trout will start getting active and abundant as well, and that’s an excellent time for fishing. There are hundreds of incredible spots for all kinds of fishing in Central Oregon, but if you are wondering what to do in Bend, we suggest visiting a popular fishing shop like Fly & Field or Confluence: They’ll be able to offer both supplies and advice on where to go.

6. Visit a Farmer’s Market

As local produce starts, well, producing, you’ll want to make time to find a farmer’s market in Bend to visit for local ingredients, locally crafted goods, and a chance to see what’s new. Popular farmer’s markets occur regularly near downtown, at Northwest Crossing, and in other locations, so keep your eyes open and follow local news to learn more.

7. Find an Outdoor Yoga Class

When the days warm up, you can be sure outdoor yoga classes are getting scheduled for Bend’s many parts and riverbanks: If that sounds like just what you’ve been needing, look at Bend’s yoga studios to find one that matches your tastes and see what outdoor activities they have planned.

8. Plan a Tour or Visit a Museum

Spring is a great time for planning a special event! We suggest looking at Wanderlust Tours to see if any of their upcoming events really grabs your attention (and there are a lot of amazing opportunities there). If that doesn’t feel like your sort of thing, look at the High Desert Museum’s schedule: While the Museum can get a little quiet in winter, by spring the outdoor areas are teeming with life and fun, family-free events, classes, volunteer opportunities, and more.

Finally, remember that Bend Relocation Services is ready and waiting to help you coordinate and prepare for your move to Bend. Our relocation company in Central Oregon can help you find a rental, consult about specific details, and much more!