While Bend is famous as a hub of delicious beer, a snow sports capital, and an outdoor resort area, it’s also very popular among those looking for the best place to retire, and regularly lands a spot in the “best places to retire to in the U.S.” lists. Just some of the features that attract retirees to Bend include:

  • Beautiful location with warm summers, lots of sunshine, and amazing views
  • Activities and events for all ages throughout the year, celebrating food, culture, art and more
  • A central major hospital for any medical needs
  • A city that retains small-town friendliness – and is easy to get around in
  • Plenty of in-city trails for walking and exploring
  • A multitude of breweries and cideries to try
  • Many different living arrangement options depending on preference
  • Very, very pet friendly
  • State tax exemptions for pensions, and no sales tax

Services and Activities for Retirees in Bend

One of the pleasant features of Bend is that retirees are free to do – well, what everyone else does! That could be strolling through Old Mill and stopping to enjoy a concert or sunset, or finding a favorite fishing spot, or stopping by your favorite taphouse for a pint and a meal (Bend’s outdoor-friendly weather has made COVID-19 precautions easy to take thus far, and mask laws are studiously followed).

Others may find that the weekly farmers markets held at different points in the city become their favorite pastime…or finding the best spot on the river for a bit of relaxing kayaking. There are also plenty of ways to get involved in the community through volunteering, workshops (now with many live streaming options), and other activities. The more adventurous can explore surrounding mountain slopes, lakes, buttes, and high desert canyons for outdoor journeys just a few minutes away.

For transport, Bend does have a public transportation system, and ridesharing options like Uber are active in the city, but it’s a good idea to make transportation plans ahead of time, too. Ride Assist and Dial-a-Ride services are specifically designed to be friendly for seniors as well. Our relocation company can help answer any specific questions you may have.

Where to Retire in Bend, Oregon

Bend neighborhoods make excellent locations for retirement, and there are many assisted living facilities and independent living villages across the city, giving those moving to Bend lots to explore. We suggest you do just that – explore the different Bend locations and see what you’d like most. Do you want to stay at the heart of action and events? Do you want to relax near quiet farmland? Do you prefer mountain forests, or peaceful desert views? There really is something for everyone.

Looking for a specific recommendation? We suggest starting in the Northwest Crossing area. The homes and living facilities are beautiful, everything is easy to walk to, and there is an excellent collection of shops, restaurants and parks – as well as gorgeous mountain views. Century West is also a good neighborhood to explore if you prefer easy access to the river and river trails. Broader searches should include the excellent retirement community at Sunriver and Eagle Crest homes.

Also keep in mind that Bend’s winters are a great time to enjoy snow-related activities or bunker down in a cozy cottage, but they do make traveling around town a bit more difficult, and the snow and ice can make slopes and steep walkways dangerous. You may prefer to choose a location with this in mind – and our relocation services will be happy to help!